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La Bodeguita
« on: March 12, 2017 »
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  • After just returning home from two weeks in Los Gigs, i thought i would mention my personal choice of eating establishments. As we all know there are many and varied restaurants, to suit all tastes, the best for us was La Bodeguita, very good prices, quality food served by the friendly Pasqual and the smiling Chinese lady, plus the largest Southern comforts! after trying some of the others, we returned here several times, the food here is every bit as good, if not better than some charging twice as much! our worst experience was Pararsio del sol, served raw Pork and received a shrug of the shoulder for complaining, they also removed the plate as soon as you put your knife and fork down, same with the glasses, i did wonder if i nipped to the loo if they would take my chair! seems a shame because we have dined here in the past, but the three waitresses need re training. also having read bad reports about Astourias in the square, we had very good food here, even though they got the order wrong! ::) 

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    Re: La Bodeguita
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  • Totally agree with everything you say. La boduegita also do the best lamb chops on a sizzling plate.

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    Re: La Bodeguita
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  • We find the food varies, but they seem to have a new girl in the kitchen this year. We tend to eat out on alternative nights. And If we are lazy, we may eat at La Bodeguita on our in night, as nearly as cheep as buying the ingredients and no need to book.