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PP in prison
« on: November 08, 2006 »
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  • I  seen on  the  news  last  night  that  the  mayor  and  5  councilers  from the  PP  party  were  all  arrested  and  put  into  prison.  Over  in  Gran  canaria,  they  said  they  were  steeling  money  and taking bribes.  The  same  in mainland  Spain  where  more  PP  members  and  mayors  and  councilers  were  all  put  into  prison.
    It  is  like  a  hollywood  film :o :o :o


    Re: PP in prison
    « Reply #1 on: November 09, 2006 »
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    In the interests of being fair and balanced as the fox news channel says, the following is a translation from 'b4local papers

    In a new phase of the "Faycan" case scandal, the Mayor of Telde in Gran Canaria, Francisco Valido,  together with 5 of his councillors were detained on Monday.
    They are charged with accepting bribes for awarding corporation contracts and  the daughter of the former councillor for public works, Mar'eda Antonia Torres, has been accused of money laundering.
    This brings the total number of arrested in connection with the case to 25   -   9 of whom are councillors or former councillors

    The mayor of Telde in Gran Canaria - Francisco Valido, was let out on bail
    of 80 thousand euros on Wednesday, providing he checks in with police on the
    1st and 15th of every month until the "Faycan" case comes to trial
    The mayor, who has so far refused to step down,  is accused,together with
    other members of the council ,of accepting bribes to award local council