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Author Topic: Path from Colonial Parque down to Hibiscus  (Read 6470 times)

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If the Ayuntamiento does not do some prevention work to the above path we will lose it. The foundations are being undermined by erosion and some of the pillars are in a dangerous state.Trees could fall after a major rain storm and the pillars falling could cause fatalities.
Please consider some remedial work which would be a small amount to pay considering the consequential damage caused by a full collapse of the path.
It is a much used path, and well liked part of the village.

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Re: Path from Colonial Parque down to Hibiscus
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  • I suggest you try contacting Councillor Stephen Gerald (see details elsewhere on this site).  Best to write him a letter and drop it off in his office, as I have only once been able to meet with him during the advertised hours.  He will at least bring it to the attention of the relevant authority.  The fact that the situation could lead to fatalaties should get their attention, given the current situation with the beach.  Unfortunately, the result could well be closure of the path.