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Author Topic: Incompetent or Incontinent  (Read 6949 times)

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Incompetent or Incontinent
« on: January 06, 2008 »
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  • I read recently that nearly all of the Councillors serving on Santiago del Teide Council are now on the Council payroll (Councillor McKenna to his credit appears not to be one of them).

    How can such a tiny Council justify this position and what services have to be denied to electors to pay the Councillors salaries.  Surely if there is a need for greater professionalism it would far better to use the money to employ more professionally trained local government officers who would know better than to propose ill conceived schemes such as the Santiago Lago which has been halted because it contravenes Spanish National Law.

    Given all the costly c**p decisions that the Council is making, one can only assume that they are either totally incompetent or incontinent.

    Mr Max

    Re: Incompetent or Incontinent
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  • And, apparently, essentially bankrupt - allegedly

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    Re: Incompetent or Incontinent
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  • Does this come as any great surprise? I think not !