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Health matters
« on: November 09, 2006 »
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  • Translation of an open letter recieved from The secretary general and Mayoral candidate for the Santiago PSC- PSOE socialist party - Inocencio Doble Gonz'e1lez
    The Health Service -  a priority for the next socialist government  

    I have asked the ruling government party not only during the present legislation but on repeated occasions historically for a commitment to the improvement of health services in our municipality

    It seems that this Canary Coalition is more interested in ldblquote great projectsdblquote  without social content and in some cases to the detriment of basic services like health.
    If we receive a sufficient endorsement to govern in May 2007 - The Santiago Socialists have already committed to improving the health services in our municipality so that local citizens in the upper part of the county do not have to go to the neighbouring municipality of Guia de  Isora to be taken care of , because we do not have a 24 hour service and that the people on the  coast of our municipality do not have to go to Alcala to be taken care of for the same reason;
    The  PSC-PSOE  will make this a priority so that the shameful state of affairs existing thanks to the management by this Group of Government or should I say the non-management, is rectified.

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    Re: Health matters
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  • Seems like posturing to me. In the UK people  also have  to travel for health care. It's easy to promise  things when not in power and quite another to deliver when you are. The commitment is not very specific and how is it going to be funded? Lets see the costing and tax implications alongside the rhetoric.


    Re: Health matters
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  • Remember .. all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others!