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Council Jollies
« on: March 18, 2007 »
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  • I'm on my soapbox again Seb.

    I have just read that a delegation from the local council has recently attended a tourism fair in Berlin to promote the areaquote s tourism attractions. I gather that fairs are also to be attended in London, Madrid  and other European capital cities.

    The delegation distributed promotional material such as pamphlets, posters, a guide to footpaths and a new tour guide  which contains general information about the municipality (hotels, restaurants, landscapes, flora, fauna etc).

    Has anyone ever attended a tourism fair or booked a holiday as result of attending one? I doubt it. Without doubt, most people these days use the Internet for holiday information. Over the past few years as a tourist, I have been an infrequent and frustrated visitor to the official  Santiago Del Teide Council website for information.

    The site is STILL under development and has been poorly designed. Most of the information is not available in English.  It was once easy to find through Google as Santiagodelteide dot org  (not to be confused with the excellent privately run dot com site) but in order to make itself even less accessible to tourists it has changed its name and is now very  difficult to find through Google. The Council has not paid for a sponsored link and as a consequence it is hidden away on page 8 of a Google search. What a complete mess.

    Isnquote t it about time that the Council got its priorities right and got itself up to date with cost effective communications technology by developing a state of the art multilingual website to promote regional tourism instead of wasting thousands of pounds on Jollies for councillors and officials. The Council is also missing an opportunity to make information available about council services and effectively communicating with its foreign residents.

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    Re: Council Jollies
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  • Good Afternoon Falstaff,
                                          Surely this is a very good reason to cast  your ex-pat vote carefully in the forthcoming elections.  Attend the meetings and listen to make sure that our voice is heard.


    Re: Council Jollies
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  • Dear Falstaff

    The event mentioned is a trade event, and not open to the general public. I believe they went under the general banner of the Tenerife Tourism Corporation which is trying to promote the island in general, but with their own little stand.

    It used to be that one of the perks of the travel industry was fact finding missions to different resorts, where the resorts used to try and impress you how wonderful it was and please send lots of people here so they can spend lots of money.

    Those days are long gone, and it's only through the travel fairs can an impression be made on the travel industry in general. When it comes to signing contracts for accomodation, publishing brochures etc, its these fairs that can make the difference. But if you don't make the effort to attend, then other areas that do will be only too happy to take the happy spending public.

    You'd be surprised how many people still book through the high street shop, or only use one of the big travel companies to make their bookings.

    But having done my time at a few of these exhibitions, I find the thought of some of the local council standing around in a Berlin exhibition hall in March trying to impress people quite refreshing!!

    Link to ITB berlin

    Oh, by the way .. a friend of mine tried to use one of said high street shops to book accomodation in LG for carnival, but the staff in the shop said nothing was available "but we have some nice hotels in Las Americas .. there's no difference really!!"