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Alcalde o Alcaldesa
« on: August 16, 2010 »
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  • Right,  now we know that the current Mayor is not standing at he next elections in June, what are we going to do?  Well, the first thing is to make sure that Coalicion Canarias is NOT re-elected, that's what!!  They are not interested in the many non-Spanish living in Los Gigantes or Puerto de Santiago, that's for sure.  Oh, yes! Sorry! Only when an election is looming and they have a soiree at the Los Gigantes Hotel, as happened 4 yrs ago next  month.  To introduce Mr Steve Gerald - what the Mayor should have said was to USE him!!  Which is what he did and no wonder Mr Gerald is not standing again.  So, whatever your politics or nationality,  make sure you do not support Coalicion Canarias.  PLEASE.  Consider alternatives for, if there is one thing that is right, it is that 20 yrs ago when Sr Pancracio Socas was Mayor, Los Gigantes was THE place.  Guia de Isora was a poor neighbour.  Now, it is the other way round.  Sr Socas's son , working and living in Puerto de Santiago, knows LG and PdeS and I am sure that he will make sure that power is brought down to the coast where the tourists - our lifeblood - are.  He is now our only hope of getting LG back to ship-shape as it used to be instead of this down trodden place it now appears. He is ,maybe, one possibility, but if a female would stand then things will be done.  What about it ladies :)
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