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The Test
« on: July 24, 2012 »
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  • 89 year old man goes to the doc and demands a sperm test.

    The doc "what do you want a sperm test at your age for "?
    The old boy "I just married a 19 year old lass and she wants kids"
    The doc " well heres a container fill it up and bring it in tommorow"


    The doc "how did it go"
    the old boy "not very well"
    the doc "why"
    the old boy "well I tried with my left hand that did not work,
    So I tried my right hand that did not work either.
    Then she tried with both hands !!!!!! did not work so then she gets her gob round it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But still cant get this b****y lid off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!":curse:   >:(