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Author Topic: I don't belieeeeve it !!  (Read 2147 times)

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I don't belieeeeve it !!
« on: November 03, 2011 »
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  • Just returned from a stay at the Hotel Los Gigantes and there follows a word perfect conversation I had one morning between myself and room service.

    Me   "Room Service ?"
    RS   "Yes. Morny - ruin sorbees"
    Me   "Sorry, I thought I dialled room service"
    RS   "Rye - ruin sorbees.  Morny - Jewish to oder sunteen ??"
    Me   "Yes, i'd like to order bacon and eggs"
    RS    "Ow - July den"
    Me   "Pardon"
    RS    "Ow - July den - fry, boy, pooch ?"
    Me    "Oh ! - the eggs - how do I like them - Sorry, scrambled please".
    RS    "Ow July den baychem - crease ?"
    Me    "Crisp, will be fine"
    RS    "Hokay.  An san toes"
    Me   "What ?"
    RS    "San toes - July san toes ?"
    Me    "I don't think so"
    RS    "No - judo one toes"
    Me  " I'm really sorry, but I don't know what judo one toes means !!"
    RS   "Toes!! - Toes!! - why dew Don Juan toes ?  - ow bow singlish mopping we bother ?"
    Me  "English muffin" right i've got it ! - you were saying Toast, fine, yes an English muffin will be fine"
    RS   "We bother ?"
    Me   "No - just put the bother on the side"
    RS   "Wad -?"
    Me   " I mean butter - just put it on the side"
    RS    "Copy?"
    Me   "What ?"
    RS   "Copy, tea, mill ?"
    Me   "Yes - coffee please and that's all"
    RS   "One Minnie - Ass ruin torino fee - strangle ache, crease baychem, tossy singlish mopping we  bother  honey sigh, and copy - rye ??"
    Me    "Whatever you say !"
    RS   "Tend jew berry mud"

    Me    "Your welcome"

    After that - I decided to have my breakfast with everbody else - in the restaurant !!
    I wanted to be the Cincinnati Kid - but couldn't spell it