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happy valentine dolly
« on: February 13, 2009 »
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  • Rose's Are Red

    Rose?s are red
    Violet?s are blue
    Daisy?s are white
    Lily?s are too

    Poppy?s are red
    Iris?s are blue
    Pansy?s are varied
    Petunia?s are too

    Ruby?s are red
    Sapphire?s are blue
    Pearl?s are white
    Jasmine?s are too

    Marigold?s are orange
    Hyacinth?s are blue
    Holly?s are scratchy
    Heather?s are too

    May?s are white
    Fern?s are green
    Ivy?s are variegated
    And very often seen

    Busy Lizzie?s
    Colours are many
    And dolly
    Doesn?t wear any

    If you haven't quite grasped the poem's meaning,   it's  about knickers
    be my darling valentine?  WAGS xxxxxx