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  • hello everyone was thinking of coming to tenerife and looking for a job what would be the average hourly rate for unskilled labour and what would be the the average rent for a 1 bedroomed flat  just a average please thanks for your time  keithy

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    Re: averages
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  • My advce is don't do it.  Things are just as bad here as in UK.  If you did work then you would be doing it illegally, but to do it legal is very prohibitive.
    Stay were you are, the grass is not always greener in the sun.

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    Re: averages
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  • Hi Keithy,

    Check out the above link to a thread started last August called "Moving to Los Gigantes".  Probably all the pros and cons were discussed.

    There is also a book out called Tenerife Lifeline.  Anyone considering moving here should get a copy, you can find out more on this link