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Author Topic: Theory versus Reality  (Read 306 times)

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Theory versus Reality
« on: August 03, 2020 »
A farmer's son, we'll call him Johnny, was set a task by his school teacher to define the difference between theory and reality.  He asked his dad for help on this and his dad suggested he ask his mother the following question...."Mum, would you sleep with the cowhand for a million pounds?".  Johnny went off and asked mum the question, to which she replied..."Yes, I suppose I would". 

Johnny went back to dad and asked what to do next and dad replied..."Go and ask your sister the same question".  Johnny did as he was asked... "Sis, would you sleep with the cowhand for a million pounds?"  to which his sister replied..."Yes, I suppose I would."

Back to dad with sister's answer and dad was then able to explain the difference between Theory and Reality to Johnny as follows...

"Johnny, it's like this.  In Theory we are sitting on assets of 2 million pounds.  But in Reality your mother and sister are both slappers".