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Dolly and Fred had started their retirement years and although were financially well off decided that as a cushion against future inflation they should raise some extra cash by renting out the spare bedroom of their terraced house.

They advertised the room and after a few days were contacted by a young very attractive woman.

After viewing the room the woman stated she was very interested explaining she was a model working in a nearby by city centre studio for a few weeks and that she would very much like to rent the room from Monday through to Thursday each week but was happy to pay a full weeks rent.

Dolly said that was perfectly acceptable and they agreed to commence the rental the following Monday.

"There's just one small problem" explained the model - "because of my job I have to have a bath every night, and I noticed you don't have a bath"

Well, "That's not a problem" replied Dolly - "We have a tin bath out in the yard which we bring into the living room in front of the fire and fill it with hot water"

"Yes - but what about your husband ?" asked the model

"Oh, he plays darts every weekday so he will be out in the evenings" replies Dolly

"Good" says the model - "now that's been settled, I'll go to the studio and see you later tonight"

That evening Fred goes off to his darts match, whilst Dolly prepared the bath for the model.  After stripping off the model stepped into the bath. Dolly was amazed to see the model had no pubic hair whatsoever.

The model noticed Dolly's staring eyes, she smiled and explained it was part of her job as a model to shave whilst modelling  swimwear or underclothes.

Later that evening when Fred returned from his darts Dolly said "You'll never guess what Fred" - and related this oddity - Fred didn't believe her.

"It's true I tell you" said Dolly - "If you don't believe me, tomorrow night I will leave the curtains slightly open and you can peep in and see for yourself"

The following night Fred left for his darts as usual and Dolly prepared the bath for the model.  As the model stepped into the bath, Dolly stood behind her.

Dolly looked towards the curtains and pointed towards the models naked pubic area - then she lifted up her own skirt and wearing no panties exposed her hairy bush

Later Fred returned and they retired to bed.  "Well, do you believe me now ?" she asks Fred. - "Yes" he replied "I've never seen anything like it in my life" - "but why did you lift up your skirt and expose yourself ?"

"Just to show the difference" replied Dolly - "but I guess you've seen me a million times"

"Yes" said Fred - "I have - but the rest of the darts team haven't !"
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