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Crocodile tears !!
« on: November 03, 2019 »
A man goes into a pub in a remote township in Australia.  He gets a pint and sits down on his own.  He has never been in that pub before and much to his annoyance a group of local guys leaning against the bar start sniggering and pointing in his direction.

The man finishes his drink and leaves, only to return a short while later with a crocodile.

The man stands close to where the group of blokes are at the bar, drops his trousers and pants and puts his todger into the crocodiles mouth - the croc immediately snaps his jaws and clamps down on the todger.  The guys counts from 1 to 10 then immediately pokes his fingers into the crocs eyes, whereupon the croc immediately opens his jaws to release the todger.

With a smirk on his face the man says " I bet none of you guys would do that"

One of the blokes at the bar says " I might - if you promise not to poke me in the eye !"
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