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Author Topic: Georgie was on his way to Los Gigantes when this happened..  (Read 4498 times)

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I have my own ideas about “Georgie” and have a strong suspicion that it is an alter ego of a regular on this board who enjoys a good wind up.
He is now running out of questions and so they get more and more ridiculous, but still people reply and refuse to believe they are being reeled in. It’s not a new idea and was tried out very successfully quite a number of years ago, to great success as a few of us will remember well.


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Georgie , just as a last 'Hurrah' don't forget the photo , I know you smoke like a chimney , are fat as a bacon pig ,have a red head due to blood pressure from all those steaks you eat but I would just love to know if you have hair ? Anyway will miss taking the I am stupid out of you .