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General Discussion / Re: 180 days in Spain
« Last post by AWOL on June 29, 2021 »
Thanks Juan for the info. Lets hope something does allow an extension sometime soon.

General Discussion / 180 days in Spain
« Last post by Tanemera on June 28, 2021 »
There is a Facebook group called "180 days in Spain" which is actively pursuing the subject of extending the 90 in 180 rule to 180 in 360.  The attached article from their website is encouraging.  The group is also lobbying local businesses in Spain to contact their government about the restriction on Brits, including major businesses such as Mercadona.  This is a private group which you have to apply to join and they only want members who will actively participate in bringing attention to the unfair situation (i.e. the UK allows Euro citizens 180 in 360).
General Discussion / Re: Getting expensive
« Last post by Georgie on June 22, 2021 »
Bit quiet on the message board has everyone been scared to post

Cancelled our September holiday and things seem fairly stable on prices but London and essex restaurant prices are going through the roof

What about los gigantes restaurant prices
General Discussion / Re: Masca Walk opens Sat 27th March 2021
« Last post by TimO on June 16, 2021 »
I'm completely with you on this, Dolly. I did the Masca Walk back in 2010, and I suffered for a week afterwards with sore legs. I could hardly walk for three days afterwards! I was just glad to get on the boat and get back to Los Gigantes.
General Discussion / Re: Derelict Building
« Last post by hadarusu on June 15, 2021 »
Good news the derelict building is almost completely demolished.
General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by angiebabes on June 15, 2021 »
By winter all us oldies will need a booster jab to strengthen resistance, so round we will all go again!! And then different age groups Until everyone has had the booster, then a new strain may cause us to have a different jab and off we go again.............
General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by nophead on June 15, 2021 »
By winter nearly everybody will be vaccinated or will have had it unless they have another lockdown as it is exponentially rising.
General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by unhappy on June 15, 2021 »
You seem to be disagreeing with yourself, firstly you say it is just like a bad cold, & then it will burn its self out by winter.

Well the cold & flu virus has been with us for decades & killed 10's of millions, this is one strain that might be not as deadly as others, but we do not know what the next strain will do.

We have to proceed with caution, I like many hate the restrictions, but we have gone this far, it would be like shooting oneself in the foot, not to have have a little more patience.
General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by nophead on June 15, 2021 »
They said yesterday that the main symptoms of the delta version are sore throat and runny nose and for young people it was just like a bad cold. Well colds are coronaviruses, so it technically is just a bad cold.

They also said it has an R0 of 6, so for numbers to go down with no social distancing more than 5 out 6 need immunity, 83%. Since vaccinations are only about 90% effective that means about 93% of people would need to be vaccinated or have had it. So it looks like this summer will be like last winter in terms of case numbers. Hopefully it will then have burnt itself out before winter.

General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by unhappy on June 15, 2021 »
We have decided not to book any summer holidays this year & have cancelled any that we had, but still hoping to get our 3 months next January.

I know it is hard that we have had the restrictions extended again, but this Delta strain could be dangerous & having had to go to a certain Supermarket on the day England were going to play their match you would have thought there was no such thing as Covid.
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