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General Discussion / Re: Tamara Apartments
« Last post by pilgrim on October 06, 2017 »
Hi, what is your hobby Dizzydiver - stupid! I just realized as I spelt it out. Anyway has Tamara a tourist licence or whatever it is called for letting.
General Discussion / Re: Tamara Apartments
« Last post by TimO on October 06, 2017 »
Hi Dizzy Diver,
                      The reason why (IMHO) you can't get a reasonably priced deal on an apartment in the Tamara complex is down to simple greed on the part of the owners of those apartments. I know that you prefer to stay in that apartment complex as it would be handy for your hobby, but if prices to rent apartments in that complex have gone into orbit then its simply a case of you having to look elsewhere like you did last time. There are plenty of apartments to rent in Puerto de Santiago and Playa de La Arena. It's just a case of you having to 'cut your cloth to your measure' as the old saying goes. If more people voted with their feet then the price of apartment rental in that complex would come down fairly quickly. In other words don't rent there and soon enough people attitudes would change for the better for potential renters!
General Discussion / Tamara Apartments
« Last post by Dizzydiver on October 05, 2017 »
Hi guys,

Over the past 16 years we have come to LG on various occasions, and most times we've been able to get a reasonable deal on a Tamara apartment.
These are our apartments of choice, but as we haven't been for th epast few years. things seem to have changed quite a bit. Can anyone point us in the direction of any owners looking to let.

Thgis time we've ended up in Vigilia Park, not a patch on Tamara, or indeed LG

General Discussion / Re: Taxi
« Last post by Mary on October 05, 2017 »
Itís called progress😉
General Discussion / Re: Taxi
« Last post by gaz on October 05, 2017 »
I rang new number yesterday at 3pm and had to ring twice more it took taxi 35 minutes to arrive, why change a system that worked for one that not working at moment , anyway. I talked to a friend about my experience and she told me that at the time I was waiting for taxi she passed rank in Playa La Arena and there were 4 taxis on the rank.y
General Discussion / Re: Taxi
« Last post by magsnmike on October 03, 2017 »
The office is permanently closed now, the number has changed & all taxis are controlled by a central office in Arona number 922747511
General Discussion / Sad News.
« Last post by Davymar on October 02, 2017 »
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Indian resturants
« Last post by turtlelyn on October 02, 2017 »
bobbys will  come to your apartment  and its very good
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Indian resturants
« Last post by blaggers on October 02, 2017 »
Don't bother with the one near the Bamboo Bar as it's very poor and we ordered a takeaway which we waited ages for and then half the order was missing!  Not going back and I personally do not like the owner! Will try the others next time.
General Discussion / Re: Family villas los gigantes
« Last post by lesleygee on October 01, 2017 »
If you go onto homeaway website there are a few villas in lg for rent.
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