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Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Restaurants under new Management
« Last post by pilgrim on December 05, 2022 »
I imagine that if your Chinese, and with the high unemployment rate in Tenerife they are going to need to run their own business if they want to work. Maybe the Spanish are missing a trick because they are hard workers and put in long hours. If they diverged into cleaning or even property maintenance, I would give them a go! I have never had a problem with anyone who wants to work hard. Only with the other sort.
Unhappy, there is a limit to how many Chinese Restaurants a village can handle, so I guess that is why they are moving into the Spanish joints so to speak.
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Restaurants under new Management
« Last post by unhappy on December 04, 2022 »
Yes I forgot about Incognito it served the same food as Saltsberg, but we wont be going to any Chinese restaurants when we are over there for our 3 month winter break 
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Restaurants under new Management
« Last post by cs on December 03, 2022 »
Youíve missed a step out, before  Blue Martini it was actually Incognito and was run was Belgians who had previously worked then when it was Saltsburg, we thought the food and service was good when it was Saltzburg, Incognito and the original Blue Martini. A couple of years ago we went to Blue Martini not realising/noticing it had changed hands and was being run by Chinese, we wonít be going back. It seems the Chinese way is to take over but not change the name. The number of restaurants we go to is getting smaller and smaller.
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Restaurants under new Management
« Last post by unhappy on December 03, 2022 »
Blue Martini has not always been Chinese in fact before it became Blue Martini it was Saltsberg run by the Dutch, then the family who own Martini purchased it & the son Paco turned it into Blue Martini to be a fresh fish with live lobster restaurant, which sadly did not do very well & they sold it to the Chinese who then served poor food.

Flor del Drago will never be as good as when Henrik & karin owned it, the chef was Henrik he was a real chef unlike most of the restaurants around who say they have a chef but only have a cook.

I think you will find the first restaurant the Chinese purchased was El Timon, our Austrian friends owned it & sold it to them, again the food they did was poor & it closed down. I am informed the 3 restaurants down there closed after covid & are owned by the same couple, one doing steaks, one fish & one Italian, we did try the Italian & the service was awful but food good ( when it arrived)

We will find out in January but we will not be going to any Chinsrs restaurants
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Restaurants under new Management
« Last post by Pete on December 02, 2022 »
I hope Flor del Drago is still as good as the previous owners. It was always one of our favourite places. Good food and service.
Iíll be giving it a go when we are over in February.
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Restaurants under new Management
« Last post by nophead on December 01, 2022 »
I think Casa Pepe and Blue Martini have always been Chinese owned while we have known them. Flor del Drago has recently changed hands. Don't know the one in San Juan.

China has all the money because they make things and sell them, so no surprise they can buy businesses.
Local Restaurant Guide / Restaurants under new Management
« Last post by pilgrim on December 01, 2022 »
We were in the Restaurant opposite the pier in San Juan yesterday. It never reopened after Covid but pleased it has now as one of our favourites. The staff are different, and there were a couple of Chinese working there. It appears that it is now run by a Chinese couple. The menu is the same, but the Chef must have changed, our regular choices were not as we remember. Also this week, we ate in Casa Pepe in Playa Arena, I think that is also under Chinese management. Walking back toward LG, we looked in on some friends who were eating in Flors Drago (I think that's the name). And a Chinese fella was at the till handling the money. Blue Martin changed hands last year or before, which is in the same area. Guess it's a good time to purchase a tourist business post Covid, if you have the money!
For Sale/Wanted / Aluminium white window
« Last post by pilgrim on November 25, 2022 »
Aluminium white window to fit recess 1500mm wide x 1000mm high. Two panes slide open, mosquito net also. You may need new handle as removed to fit to another window. Can of Dorado secures.
General Discussion / Re: Building Work
« Last post by AWOL on November 24, 2022 »
Walked past it this evening and it looks like they have finished demolishing the old building and facing off the cliff.

Looks like the rest of the compound is tided up, so perhaps there are plans to build something there in the future.

Thanks for that and the photo. I had heard it was/is going to be some sort of "Government Building" when they can find the money. It was a "land swop" with the Hotel next door I was also told. Anyway, having just sold my apartment across the road it is no longer a requirement to know. Just interested now.

Would be nice to see the site put to a good use though.

General Discussion / Re: Building Work
« Last post by pilgrim on November 24, 2022 »
I think Crystal 2 are supposed to be built in the gap where the old buildings have been demolished.
But I imagine they will need to sell most of Crystal 1 first, before work starts.
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