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General Discussion / Re: Kaleema
« Last post by AWOL on February 14, 2020 »
Not sure if it is a Calima or just a hazy day. Relative humidity is quite high. For sure not much vitamin D at the moment but given a choice prefer here then UK this w/e
General Discussion / Kaleema
« Last post by pilgrim on February 14, 2020 »
Is today the start of a Kalemma!
Forecast says sun!!!!
But feels like a Kalemma coming!
General Discussion / Re: Walk Santiago del Teide to Los Gigantes
« Last post by AWOL on February 08, 2020 »
Noticed yesterday that the enterprising goat farmer on the path about 1 km below Tamaimo has installed a refrigerated vending machine selling coke, water, and packs of his goat cheese so take a few coins with you to help this local entrepreneur on his journey. Well done him.

Be mindful of the goat poo though!
General Discussion / Re: Update of works please Dolly
« Last post by paulaf on February 08, 2020 »
Question for White Rose please - can you tell me who you booked your apartment with in Calle Pino if possible please? We really like ours but it's booked up already for next year so need other options. Many thanks
General Discussion / Re: Good weather forecast
« Last post by pilgrim on February 07, 2020 »
Dolly, that's great - thanks!
General Discussion / Good weather forecast
« Last post by pilgrim on February 07, 2020 »
There was a good weather site for the area, ideal for sailing and walking etc..   It has dropped out of my favourites (new computer!), and I can't for the life of me remember it! Early on set maybe.
Sure Dolly's got it!
General Discussion / Re: Calima
« Last post by nophead on February 04, 2020 »
And another one today it seems. We haven't experienced one before but suffice it to say it was a bad day to do the coastal walk to Alcala! Sand blowing in our eyes all the way and my wife fell over and sprained her ankle.

Came back home on the bus to find our skylight has blown off. Hope it doesn't rain for a while as we have an open hole in the roof!

On the way we saw a tree blown down at Playa La Jaquita and the Cueva del Polvo sign has blown off its pole. Hope everybody is safe.
General Discussion / Re: Carnival
« Last post by blarer on February 03, 2020 »
That poster is also on, gives theme as 1001 Nights.
General Discussion / Re: Month rent in November?
« Last post by Georgie on February 03, 2020 »
Not a expert at all and I have reservation about it but should we buy and rent out so it is cheaper and you also get money in

Funny decision
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