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Eating Out and Entertainment / Sports bars
« Last post by Asm1990 on June 23, 2018 »
What are the best bars for watching sport? Will be in Los Gigantes during the World Cup Final and Wimbledon tennis finals on July 15th.
General Discussion / Loro Parque and Siam Park
« Last post by Asm1990 on June 23, 2018 »
Hi there, Iím staying in Los Gigantes from 14-21 July.

I was looking for advice on transport from Los Gigantes to Siam Park.
Iíve read there is a 473 and 477 bus service from Los Gigantes to Costa Adeje/Los Cristianos but was wondering if there are many bus stops in Los Gigantes that this bus picks up from?
How frequent are the 473 or 477 buses from Los Gigantes and when do they normally return from Costa Adeje/Los Cristianos?

Any help would be appreciated as the Tenerife bus websites arenít very clear.
General Discussion / Re: TAMARA owners
« Last post by losjack on June 23, 2018 »
Try l have used them to rent an apartment on Calle Adelfas last year
General Discussion / Re: TAMARA owners
« Last post by Coldandtired on June 22, 2018 »
Thank you, tried them, itís wanting to be on Calle Adelfas that is the problem
General Discussion / Re: Vivienda Vacacional Decree
« Last post by Edward Bear on June 22, 2018 »
about time
General Discussion / Vivienda Vacacional Decree
« Last post by blarer on June 22, 2018 »
Interesting article posted on Janet Anscombe's site today. Tenerife Cabildo are holding a meeting in July to analyse the redrafted Vivienda Vacacional decree, which could move the Illegal Letting debate on. Be interesting to see the Santiago del Teide Ayuntamiento's view. 
General Discussion / tenerife masca
« Last post by Waltraud007 on June 22, 2018 »
Tenerife's nice. There's not really a lot anyone will be able to tell you to be honest. It's sunny, you can get drunk, go clubbing, plenty of tourists, beaches, you can escape it all if you want Pretty much like any Spanish holiday resort.
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Asturius Restaurant
« Last post by linda on June 19, 2018 »
Menu bit lacking in choice but they do a great chateaubriand  and sirloin  staff ok with us.
General Discussion / Re: TAMARA owners
« Last post by chrisw99 on June 19, 2018 »
Try here...

We rent a Tamara from them now and again, and they've been great.

FOR SALE Ė Flight from Tenerife (Sth) to London Gatwick , July 11
Leaves TFS at 14.20 , arrives LGW at 18.30 NORWEGIAN AIR Low Fare
Includes 20Kg checked bag, hand luggage, reserved seat and name change
Current Fare (as of 23/06/18) is Ä122.70, yours for Ä75.00
Interested, send me a PM , no time wasters please.
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