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General Discussion / Re: level 4
« Last post by unhappy on December 31, 2021 »
It was the Governing Council of the Canaries, which included their Health Minister, I did say it was NOT going to be as restrictive as last time or change from level 2/3, As you are over there it seems it is the same as when we were there in Sept/Oct, please read my posts carefully.

And a happy new year to you also
General Discussion / Re: level 4
« Last post by nophead on December 31, 2021 »
Where did you see that? I saw in Que Pasa that just this Wednesday they announced it stayed at level three. It was a day early for some reason, they normally decide on a Thursday. Perhaps next Thursday it will go to 4. I doubt we will notice.

I haven't noticed any changes from level 1 when we arrived. Should be capacity limits, table limited to 6, covid certificates and masks outside. We have been to five restaurants since certificates were needed and nobody has asked. We have the English passport QR on our phones but not clear the Spanish app would scan it.

We also saw a table of more than 6 people.

Only about 50% at most wear masks outside. Speaking to locals they are feed up of regulations and say they aren't going to follow them.

There was supposed to be a curfew starting this evening but the court rejected it again.

A heat wave today, which is great for new year's eve.

I think the virus has mutated to a mild cold for vaccinated people.
General Discussion / level 4
« Last post by unhappy on December 31, 2021 »
I see Tenerife is going into level 4 due to the increase of covid cases, but it is not going to be as restricted as the last time, in fact they will be the same as 2 & 3, hopefully it does not get any worse as we arrive next week for our 3 month stay

We hope it is just a blip like the rest of the world, South Africa are already started to ease their restrictions according to the news.

Anyway hope everybody has a great 2022 & this bloody virus disappears into the sunset. cheers.
General Discussion / Re: Local Hiking
« Last post by nophead on December 27, 2021 »
Walked up to Tamaimo today. No problem with dogs but the donkey followed my wife and bit her back. I think it was because she was wearing a green top with an abstract floral design. It must have thought she was edible! I wore blue stripes and it wasn't interested in me.

On the way back it was caged, so no problem but if it is loose take care. It seems quite big for a donkey but I am no expert.

Lots of younger people passed us carrying hard hats, so perhaps they were heading for the tunnel. There was somebody guarding the entrance when we passed.
General Discussion / Re: Feliz Navidad
« Last post by TimO on December 25, 2021 »
Feliz Navidad to all from Cork in the Emerald Isle! Looking forward to flying out there on 30th December!
General Discussion / Re: Feliz Navidad
« Last post by blarer on December 24, 2021 »
and a Happy Christmas to you all. See you next year.
General Discussion / Feliz Navidad
« Last post by Edward Bear on December 24, 2021 »
Heres wishing all posters on this site a Very happy and safe Christmas.
General Discussion / Re: Level 3
« Last post by nophead on December 20, 2021 »
I haven't seen any reductions in capacity yet. I think restaurants will ignore it this time as it has got beyond a joke. It's never going away until all the vulnerable people are gone, so let people live their lives if they feel brave and the meek stay at home if they want to.
General Discussion / Re: Level 3
« Last post by cs on December 20, 2021 »
Level 3 means in bars and restaurants the maximum table size is 6 and maximum  capacity is 40% inside snd 75% outside
General Discussion / Re: Level 3
« Last post by unhappy on December 20, 2021 »
You say it has gone to level 3, what does that mean on restrictions over there. We are due to fly out on the 8th of Jan all being well for our 3 month stay.

We hope Spain does not follow the crazies in the rest of Europe. Just looked at their figures for 2 days ago, it might seem a little boring but it tells you how bad they have been at controlling their own pandemics instead of banning the UK all the time.

Testing :- Spain 66ml, Germany 88ml, France 178ml the UK 384ml no wonder our figures are worse than theirs.

Critical Cases :- Spain 1,306, Germany 4,636, France 2,933 the UK 875.

It would appear that because the UK has actually preformed better that the rest of Europe in trying to control this virus we are being singled out to blame.

Its a pity the little Frog who was the first to ban us, can't stop people who are desperate to leave his Country & come to the UK
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