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What's on locally - Programme of events / Re: Carnival 2018
« Last post by Mary on November 06, 2017 »
There is a way of working it out I believe from shrove Tuesday, if you check back through previous posts. If in doubt I always find Janet Anscombe has the latest info on most things Tenerife.
What's on locally - Programme of events / Carnival 2018
« Last post by White Rose on November 06, 2017 »
Has anyone any idea when the dates of the 2018 carnival will be announced?
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Special occasion
« Last post by lesleygee on November 06, 2017 »
We arrive 5th Jan so will definitely be in touch.
General Discussion / Re: Airport Transfers
« Last post by galeus on November 06, 2017 »
I've used Sun Holidays (in Puerto Santiago but pick up from LG) the last 2 times, yesterday being the latest.
We were the only 2 on the minibus and he collected us from the airport on time (Sunday evening) 35 to our doorstep.
General Discussion / Re: Taxis in and around Los Gigantes
« Last post by VictorM on November 06, 2017 »
The taxi cabin is not manned much of the time. Occasionally, someone is in there  but they still have to telephone the central reservation number!  Yesterday, Sunday, when I went in to the village at 11.45am no-one in the cabin, nor were any taxis on the rank. This never was the case prior to the change, as if a lady wasn't there a driver would take the details. At 12.50, there were about 12 people waiting and no taxis, but eventually half a dozen seemed to materialise as the  taxi cavalcade travelled out of LG!
General Discussion / Re: Airport Transfers
« Last post by StereoMike on November 06, 2017 »
As stated above holiday taxis are great.
Have also used Sun Transfers, Hoppa & Viva Transfers.
It pays to shop around as the prices vary - typically I find Sun Transfers & Viva the cheapest.
All have been reliable to Los Gigantes.
General Discussion / Re: Anything new????
« Last post by StereoMike on November 06, 2017 »
Well, three weeks back from Puerto de Santiago and to address your points.
The Sunset bar is just fab - well worth a visit, great prices, great entertainment and a very friendly bunch.
The sporting Club still isn't doing entertainment on the new deck area but they do still have evening entertainment in the main seating area - You'll find Ryan East there more often than not.
You can get yourself fit of an evening there, as we watched people on the deck area participating in evening fitness routines.
WOMAN is still going strong - we sat outside Route 66 on a number of occasions and watched punters coming out for a smoke on the balcony.
Tried the new place Abundia that has taken over the San Remo slot - food was nice but service was very slow and not very attentive as we only managed to get one round of drinks - will chalk it up to being new staff.
The new taxi service is rubbish, as you can read on another thread. It's fine if you are at one of the standard Taxi ranks, but trying to get one to Route 66 was terrible - 30-60 min wait, if it shows up at all.
General Discussion / Re: Certificado de Empadronamiento
« Last post by LucyW on November 06, 2017 »
Discount for travel within Spain and the Islands is only available to residents.
General Discussion / Re: Certificado de Empadronamiento
« Last post by Loben on November 05, 2017 »
Thanks I've done that and have now applied at the Local Town Hall.  However I'm still not sure which companies that I can use this certificate with.
General Discussion / Re: Airport Transfers
« Last post by Georgie on November 05, 2017 »
Holiday taxi dot com

Excellent service and we have used booking on the Internet for the last number of years

Never had a problem
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