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Every time I've come to Tenerife I've always booked my car hire with Cicar with pickup and drop off at TFS or at their Puerto de Santigo office. This year I've done the same, but as you've said their prices are after going through the roof! 654.30 for an Opel Corsa or equivalent 28 days! That works out at it being over 23.37 per day? Last year, (Feb/March 2020) it worked out at around 11.50 per day! Over double the daily price! It's gone a bit ridiculous, alright?
The annoying thing about hire cars was when we there last winter and there were hardly any tourists you  couldn't find a parking space because all the spots were full of hire cars. They just seem to park them on the streets when not in use.
General Discussion / Re: La Palma Volcano
« Last post by unhappy on September 19, 2021 »
The earth moved for us as well today, at 74 the wife said I was dreaming again
We are here at the moment we always book with Auto Reisen, everybodies prices have gone through the roof, we were informed because of the lockdown & further Covid restrictions the car hire companies disposed of a lot of cars. We would pick up a car for 3 days do all the heavy shopping & return it to the office in Fanabe, but they have shut that also. The minimum hire is now 1 week.

This may be true but looking how quite the roads are they will be getting rid of a lot more in the near future at these prices.

In general we do not see any difference in prices in the shops or restaurants.
Try Cicar. Excellent cars. Office in Puerto Santiago as well as TFS. Autoreisen used to be much cheaper than Cicar but have noticed recently their prices are actually dearer and their cars are old.
Usually book my car rental through Auto Reisen, not particularly good cars but good enough for what I need.

Over the years I have used them umpteen times and always found them to be competitive (as can be confirmed usually by the queue of holidaymakers at their desk in arrivals)

My favoured car is one they have (had) lots of, a Citreon C3, previously paid circa 150 for just over 3 weeks, looking at their website now for the same period they now expect 718 !!!

Frankly their C3's are possibly not worth 700 to buy one, they are usually very hire mileage, and not all that well maintained with virtually all having some type of body damage dings, scraped and dents etc.  Anyone else found car hire to be problematic ?  a quick squint at other rental companies seems to indicate they are also trying to claw back what monies they have lost during the pandemic.  Usual reason given is that when there were no tourists, no-one wanted their cars, so many were sold off to raise funds and now the uk travel has opened up there is a problem of supply and demand
General Discussion / Re: Passport Control for Arrivals at TFS
« Last post by Tanemera on September 19, 2021 »
If you can tolerate Facebook, have a look at the "180 Days in Spain" group.  They are actively campaigning for a visa allowing 180 days in a year on a flexible basis without taking into account time spent in other Shengen country visits.  This is exactly what we all want.  The group have cards available which explain what the current rules mean to local businesses, many of whom are blissfully unaware of the unfair restrictions placed on UK citizens.  I will be taking a supply of cards to distribute in November.
General Discussion / Re: Passport Control for Arrivals at TFS
« Last post by nophead on September 19, 2021 »
I think you could certainly use the non-lucrative visa once to stay more than 90 days once because you could start the procedure to become a resident and "then change your mind" and go home before 182 days.

But would you be able to get one every year, given you have bombed out of the first one?
General Discussion / Re: Passport Control for Arrivals at TFS
« Last post by pilgrim on September 18, 2021 »
I agree with you Tanemera, With Merkal departing this year, and Macron looking insecure, the German/French grip on the EU will not be what it once was. And Spain and other countries will be doing their own arrangements with an independent UK.
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