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General Discussion / Re: Winter break
« Last post by nophead on March 25, 2022 »
The current mayor keeps posing for photos announcing new developments that never seem to happen.

There was a sign in the vacant lot behind Lidl that said they were building a sports centre but it has been there so long the sign has fallen to bits or been vandalised. There is a big one in Playa Arena, so anybody fit enough to sport could walk there, it isn't far. Do they really need another so close? There is a derelict playing  court of some kind next to the fire station.

In the next vacant lot at the top of Calle El Carmen they announced they are building a medical centre last year despite there being one just around the corner next to the square. No sign of any works when we we there.

I wonder if the new super expensive apartments will attract any more money.
General Discussion / Re: Winter break
« Last post by unhappy on March 25, 2022 »
Pilgrim, I did say for the locals to vote out their council & if it was not for tourism the locals would not be living in the area.

We can remember when the old Mayor was here & he would turn over in his grave to see how the area has gone down hill, he had pride in his area he controlled, every day it looks more like a rubbish tip than a holiday area

As for the Barranca being used for any reason they have been talking about that for decades, the problem is the Barranca's are formed by water flows & I know you never see any water in them ( just rubbish ), but we can remember when when the Island had a terrific storm, we had trees coming down the streets any cars in the Barranca would have ended up in the sea.

With the world looking like it is going to go into recession & we have seen in the last 3 months the lack of tourists here, sadly we can not see the area improving.
General Discussion / Re: Winter break
« Last post by pilgrim on March 24, 2022 »
Some talk was that the barranca would be an additional parking area, with steps leading back into the village close to the taxi office. A good idea I think!
General Discussion / Re: Winter break
« Last post by nophead on March 24, 2022 »
Yes, when we first visited in 1997 Sinatras was our favourite restaurant and the only one we remembered. Disappointed to find it closed when we first came back in 2016 and every year since.

The council is talking about a new development in the barranca behind Tipsy Terrace but I think they need to fill all the empty premises around the square first.
General Discussion / Re: Winter break
« Last post by pilgrim on March 24, 2022 »
The place has certainly gone down hill since we first visited in New Year 1995, and we were so taken with this wonderful area we purchased our apartment in 2006. In those times the Plaza was all wonderful granite, at the top was a fantastic Restaurant called Sinatra's. The other side of the play area was a gift shop/dry cleaners called Glad Rags, next to a well stocked small supermarket and up the slope a local British (I know that doesn't make sense) building company, that also housed a kitchen and furniture showroom. Up the steps to the one way road, pass the Tea Room there was a quieter Irish Bar. All that has now gone, including the beautiful granite, which has now been replaced with off white block paving. Not a great colour for disguising the dog dodahs and chewing gum marks. Also two fantastic Lidos, as we had no swimming pool in our complex, we hung out there with the kids a lot. Now Oasis still closed, and the Lido at the marina closed and building work has stopped. So another facility gone. We were able to walk around the marina sea wall, as an excursion, free at your own risk. Used to crab off it with the kids, that sadly has been closed for a long time now as well.
Also every holiday we would walk the Masca Gorge, and get the pick up boat back to the marina. The pontoon at Masca bay was damaged maybe 5 years ago in a storm, so the council forbid tourist boats from using it, it is still closed! People come from all over to do this trek as its featured in Lonely Planet.
And this so called Pontoon is nothing more than a few square metres of rough hewn concrete. I think a team of four could repair this on a long weekend. A complete joke!
As for the weather, yes it is not so reliable, but I don't mind the odd rainy or overcast days, as we use these to drive out to explore new places. And If the weather is changing, it's changing everywhere. Here in London last Friday we had a covering of Sarah sand, and the skies remained reddish till the following morning! quite crazy!!
Unhappy you say vote the council out, the problem is we are in a tourist town, and if not for us it would not exist, but we don't get to vote, so the politicians only appeal to the locals for their needs and then there votes. And I guess with Covid our importance has dropped another tier.
We are over next week, and am sorry to hear it is quiet again, but will be doing the usual rounds!
General Discussion / Re: Winter break
« Last post by Pete on March 23, 2022 »
Returned yesterday from our winter break and I have to say I agree with all you say. Weather was the worst I can remember, especially last week, wind and rain. I also noticed walking around, there didnít seem to be many British around, the restaurants must be suffering. Lots of empty premises now in LG. That also gives the place a run down feel. Iím also amazed at the price they want for the 2 new build apartment blocks. It will be interesting to see how they sell. We have an apartment booked for next year, but then, after over 20yrs of visits, maybe itís time to try elsewhere.
General Discussion / Re: Winter break
« Last post by nophead on March 19, 2022 »
I have to agree with all you say. Weather seems to be worse each year since we bought our apartment. I think we got a bargain because ones in the same block now sell for a lot more, or at least are on the market for a lot more.

We have four German friends who are good cooks and very rarely eat out, so they only spend in the shops. We eat out one meal most days.

The paving doesn't seem to last any time at all despite seeing no frost. They seem to use a mortar that crumbles after a few years of mainly sun. We already see crazy paving that has been repaired breaking up again in the few years we have been coming.

The lighting is randomly out so we carry a torch at night even though all the streets we walk on to get home are supposed to be lit.

They pump untreated sewage into the sea and the outlet at PS must be too close to the shore as it always stinks near the port. There is pumping station on the Alcala path, which presumably also discharges into the sea, but that doesn't smell. It must go further out I think but no way would I swim in the sea around Tenerife.
General Discussion / Winter break
« Last post by unhappy on March 18, 2022 »
Hi everybody we are now into our last 2 weeks of our 3 month winter break, although we have meet many old, and made new friends, thanks to Richard & Janice, sadly it has not been as good as previous years the area seems to be going downhill.

The weather like most of the world has been crazy, we have never in over 35 years known so much rain, 3 heavy rain storms for hours, & it is not only us, talking to a local yesterday they were saying the same thing. This week the weather has been crap & today we have the return of the very low fog/mist again blanking out the sun & sea completely.

There are very few Brit's over here therefore the restaurants are suffering, as we are the only nationals that spend money.

Some people know where we are staying & we were thinking of purchasing a property over here again & yesterday we found an owner that was thinking of selling a 1 bed apt where we are staying & was informed that a local estate agent, had told him to price it at Ä245000.00. When I questioned the agent & said the price was crazy along with the price of Ä960000.00 for a 130 sq mt 2bed2bath in the Aqua suites he said we can sell them, this is the same agent that over priced our apt when he tried to sell it but 2 years later he had not, thankfully we sold it direct & he did not get a penny. 

My last MOAN is for the LOCAL COUNCIL, when we arrived on the 8th of January we had a walk to Playa la Arena, they were digging up the road by the old Mayor's statue where the sewerage smell has been awful for years, yesterday it was 10 times worse, they will have to remodel the Mayors statue with him holding his nose, along with the workmen that were just standing around months after they started.

The pavements are a disgrace even the new ones by the new complex Arena Negres 11, we walked there last night from the bend to where they have sprayed the falling rocks a shity brown, to the Landmar Hotel 7 of the lamp posts, their bulbs do not work, that is after passing the dog shitting & dumping grounds just past Lidl come on COUNCIL GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER or locals vote them out, they are not fit for purpose.

Now looking at Barbados for our winter breaks, "us"  Brits seem to be no longer welcome
Next door to Palillos De Oro and above Casa Pepe towards the northerly end of Playa Arena beach.
where is this please?
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