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General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by Edward Bear on September 13, 2020 »
Cor Blimey, Georgie's computer must have packed up. He has not been on today.
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by nophead on September 13, 2020 »
It is only a tiny percentage of the old buggers, there are millions of them in the UK. Most will die from cancer, heart disease or dementia. Unless you are in a care home or a hospital it is pretty easy to avoid getting it when you don't need to go out to work. It doesn't require the rest of the world to stop.

My view is the quicker everybody who is going to get it, gets it, the quicker when can get back to normal life.
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by unhappy on September 13, 2020 »
You can bandy your figures all day & night, the point is it is still spreading, you go on about herd immunity & its ok its only us old buggers that will die, thanks for that.

And while you are going on about heards many Governments are saying it is the young & their disregard for taking the actions Governments want them to take, to STOP the spread.

Myself & my wife are the vulnerable we are over 70 we take every precaution hopefully to avoid contamination, how are we supposed to keep out of the way, do what you say people should not do, make up your mind, you live in a fantasy land
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by pilgrim on September 13, 2020 »
In May when the lock down started, we felt that it was a huge over reaction, then we were in our fifties.
Since then my wife and I have moved into our 60's. And whether it is psychological or not I do not know,
but we are taking this new spike far more seriously. I imagine that were we moving into our seventies we would be extremely cautious!
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by nophead on September 13, 2020 »
Millions in the world but since the mortality rate in the UK is now estimated to be only 0.7% and herd immunity needs about 70% of the population to get it absolute worst case would be about 0.49% of the UK population, which is about 330,000 people, only about half the normal number of people that die in a year, so a 50% increase. In practice it would be a lot less if the vulnerable kept out of the way. They are the ones that normal life should stop for, not the majority that are young and healthy.

If only differs from a flu outbreak because it is new and nobody has any immunity and there is no vaccine.  Compared to Spanish flu, that was much worse. For most healthy people it has no symptoms at all and most of the rest have cold like symptoms, nowhere near as bad as flu. A small percentage have a completely over the top immune reaction that can kill them, not the virus itself.

Yes most cancers are not contagious but my point is far more people die of cancer and other things, so how is this such a terrible disease that it needs an over the top response? Cancel kills about 1/3 of the population, this would only kill 0.5%. Traffic pollutions kills more and that is also not contagious but more likely to kill you or I and very hard to avoid.
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by unhappy on September 13, 2020 »
So nophead you know more than all the Governments & Scientists in the world who are spending an untold amount money trying to stop this pandemic, and that is the problem with all the money being spent they still can not control this pandemic.

If they don't take this action it would be totally out of control & millions will die, stop comparing it to flu we have a vaccine not perfect but it helps, also I have never heard of someone catching cancer from somebody else.

Get real it is a PANDEMIC, not a flu outbreak.

We all want life back to normal, we are hoping to come over for our 3 months in the winter, but if people do not heed the warnings nobody knows what will happen, only that the death rate will increase
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by Samijoe on September 13, 2020 »
Sure we want to travel. What else is there to do as we listen to scaremongering and meaningless stats that tell us nothing. Changed our flights from Jet2 and will be in LG next weekend. Will adhere to all the guidance and enjoy the usual bars, restaurants and shops that we normally use. Letís start being rational about the risks we face in trying to get our lives back.
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by nophead on September 13, 2020 »
Yep if you stay at home for a year there is about the same chance you will die of something random as if you go out and are actually unlucky enough to catch it.

There is actually no logic to most of the worlds government's responses. Why on earth do they portray it as a great danger when it ranks very low on the scale of things that might kill us? So far during this "pandemic" three people I know have died from cancer but I none of my friends and relatives have even caught covid that they know of.
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by SandyLea on September 13, 2020 »
 Well said Janey.
General Discussion / Re: Restrictions
« Last post by janey on September 13, 2020 »
Read today that there is a 92 percent increase in the over 50 group with covid

Are you all sure you wish to travel

quite sure i wish to travel.  dont believe what the papers tell you.  you are just click bait.    and there is a huge decline of people dying of covid.  more people have had it than you know and dont realise including people over 50.  its time the world got back on its feet.
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