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General Discussion / Superdino
« Last post by Georgie on October 12, 2017 »
Friends of ours have used this supermarket up the hill from the harbour club and it was delivered to your apartment if you spends 60 euros

Has anyone tried it and can you book certain delivery slots

Comments appreciated please in preparation for our December visit please

We have never used it
General Discussion / Re: Tamara Apartments
« Last post by LucyW on October 11, 2017 »
And IGIC and income tax........though perhaps not in the Tamara complex as renting is illegal°°°
General Discussion / Re: Tamara Apartments
« Last post by cs on October 11, 2017 »
me too Janey, and spot on about renting in the UK Mary

we don't let our apartment anymore and haven't for a number of years, we'd had enough of renters who expected rock bottom prices and didn't appreciate that having saved hard to buy our apartment and to furnish it well that we expected it cared for. 

Renters need to remember that what they pay is not all profit in the owners pockets, there are numerous bills to pay   
General Discussion / Re: Tamara Apartments
« Last post by Mary on October 11, 2017 »
Totally with you on this Janey, anything in peak season in the uk is around the £800 mark for a two bed apartment, and as is the case anywhere if you canít afford it donít go or save up until you can.
General Discussion / Re: Tamara Apartments
« Last post by janey on October 11, 2017 »
Hi Dizzy Diver,
                      The reason why (IMHO) you can't get a reasonably priced deal on an apartment in the Tamara complex is down to simple greed on the part of the owners of those apartments. In other words don't rent there and soon enough people attitudes would change for the better for potential renters!

thats the sort of comment which makes my blood boil. why dont you go and buy your own apartment timo instead of hoping that other people will buy and manage an apartment on your behalf?  maybe you should try booking a week in your home country at some point and see the prices they can charge down there for renting.  phew.  they're not giving it away either.
General Discussion / Re: Tamara Apartments
« Last post by gaz on October 10, 2017 »
Hi Dizzy Diver did you try AirBnB as there are apartments on the site for this area
General Discussion / Re: Tamara Apartments
« Last post by gaz on October 08, 2017 »
Just to say again the court in Madrid has ruled on 3 occasions recently that private lets should be allowed
General Discussion / Re: Tamara Apartments
« Last post by Davymar on October 08, 2017 »
Anyway has Tamara a tourist licence or whatever it is called for letting.

No they have not, but there are lots of apartments for let that have none, for the last three years we have rented a place without license because we like where it is situated, we take a chance and have had no problems, we are booked in for Feb the same way. you are very limited in Los Gigs if you only stick to official lets. If a place is up for sale the agents have a way of letting it, you will have to work that one out yourselves, but its been going on for years!
General Chat / Re: Auto Reisen Car Hire !!!
« Last post by pilgrim on October 06, 2017 »
We also have had some ropey cars over the years, but as the longest journey we tend to do is to and from the airport we just suffer. Thing is they are cheep, there is only ever a small queue (we have waited up to an hour with others (they are waiting for hire cars to return, but won't tell u that)), They do not try to sell you additional insurance, and if not taken up increase the deposit to 900E. We have returned a car which had been badly damaged in a winter storm, when the newly clad LG hotel lost its cladding and almost sliced the roof of the hire car, never heard a thing from them! The only thing is when they say upgrade, I say please no! which rather confuses them. That is because we want the smallest car, so that we have more chance of finding a parking spot.
General Chat / Auto Reisen Car Hire !!!
« Last post by losgiganteskid on October 06, 2017 »
I have used Auto Reisen (AR) car rental many times and have always been happy with the service, cost and quality of vehicle - that was until recently.

I had booked a small Citreon C3 for the duration of my stay, collecting from the airport on arrival and returning it to the airport.

After a 4.5 hour flight I just wanted to pick up the car and get to LG (as has always been the case).  In hindsight I should have been more alert to exactly what car I was being given. 

I don't think there was one body panel that had not been dented, scraped or scratched - the inside of the car was dirty with stains on the seat and a Halford type plastic steering wheel cover (?) which was sticky and tacky - the parcel shelf fell apart when the hatchback was opened and remained where it fell for the duration of rental.  The two front tyres were very close to the legal limit (the two rear were ok) - when the brakes had been used and were warm they made a noise when the brakes were applied (me thinks the pads and or discs were coming to the end of their useful life).

The vehicle had covered in excess of 115,000 kms - more tired than I was after I finally reached LG.

Looking in the glove compartment was the previous hirers rental agreement - so giving me access to his name, address, telephone number, passport number and other personal information.

I should have returned the vehicle immediately to AR but the thought of driving back to the airport, and having to explain why the car was not suitable then returning to LG with the time and petrol cost i'm afraid to say I persevered with the vehicle.

If you arrive at Tenerife South airport and are given the keys to 0412 HKN a Citreon C3 1.4 Attraction (couldn't see the attraction myself) - suggest you either request another vehicle or hi tail it to the Cicar or GoldCar counter.

Just a point about Goldcar - if you google GoldCar reviews you will see many bad reviews - on a recent trip elsewhere I hired a Goldcar vehicle with great trepidation but found their service 100% - had a great car which had only done 700kms from new.  Whilst driving around the LG area I couldn't help but notice how many Cicar and Goldcar vehicles there were and all very new.

Me think AR need to up their game and also replace some old stock.   If you do hire from AR don't leave your hire agreement in the glove compartment !!
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