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General Discussion / Just an observation.
« Last post by Davymar on March 10, 2018 »
We have just returned from 2 weeks in Los Gigs, we had a few days of bad weather, but it came good for the second week, i dont know what others think, we thought it was quieter this year than last year at the same time, the restaurants in the evening were not as full as last year, you could have got in without booking, went down to El Anklar one night, there were four of us left at 9pm, they were trying to rush us out so they could close, the waiters did not know what to do with their selves, he brought me an ice cream and a Southern comfort and then asked if i wanted Coffee! i told him to clear off!
For us, Bodeguitas was still the best for food, price and smiling service, we simply found the atmosphere more inviting than some of the others, each to their own i suppose.
General Discussion / Re: Green Corner
« Last post by Davymar on March 10, 2018 »
Lets hope its an improvement from the last time, the amount of foul language you could hear as you walked past was unacceptable, and that was from the staff!
General Discussion / Re: Green Corner
« Last post by frogeddy on March 10, 2018 »
Next week .........
General Discussion / Green Corner
« Last post by Pete on March 10, 2018 »
Anyone know if and when the Green Corners opening again ?
General Discussion / Re: Walk
« Last post by AWOL on March 09, 2018 »
I dont want to advertise the fact (because I like walking without the hindrance of others) but I only do the walk down to LG when unable, due wx etc. As I have said on other discussions there is a fantastic amount of walking above and around Santiago or over to the Teno valley. I often spend the day up there and never see a soul.

As I said the hardest bit is sorting the bus connections but I have that bit well sussed now.

This area has so much more to offer then the beach/bars and the Harbour Club and others?

Local Restaurant Guide / Re: 60's Noshery
« Last post by janey on March 09, 2018 »
what a dreadful name.  must have taken loads of imagination to come up with that one.  lets hope the food is more imaginative

It's not that bad, maybe they should have named it after a café in Wales, see here  .....yea it really does exist and very appropriate for some of the geriatrics in Los G  ;) ;)

quite like that, at least its amusing.    unlike the aforementioned.
General Discussion / Re: Walk
« Last post by AWOL on March 08, 2018 »
Actually think the walk from Santiago del Teide to Tamaimo is nicer and slightly shorter and apart from a bit after 1/2 mile past El Modello which is steeper it is fairly moderate. The walk starts next to the fuel station as you enter Santiago.

Just have to get your bus time table sorted which is the hard bit!!!!!!!!

General Discussion / Re: Walk
« Last post by AWOL on March 08, 2018 »
It is about 3.5 miles down to the beach area. It will make your legs ache as it is downhill over rough rock 50% of the way. Allow at least 2hrs and do not do mid day as a sun trap at the moment. Do early.

General Discussion / Re: Walk
« Last post by ANGIE on March 08, 2018 »
Source the church behind the main street in Tamaimo and then follow the footpath signs that cross a baranca easily to pick up the well signed foortpath down to come out by the funny roundabout above Los Gigantes, near to Casa Edu and the Policia.

There is one bit of the walk that has foxed us and a few others. You come to a stone wall, flat topped which overlooks a finca, lemon and avocado trees, off to the left, but to the right there is a path. Do not take the path, but traverse the wall and drop down into the finca grounds, where you will soon pick up the footpath again and eventually a tarmac surface leading to the end of the walk.
General Discussion / Re: Walk
« Last post by Pete on March 08, 2018 »
Thanks for the info.
Could you tell me where in Tamaimo the path starts back to LG
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