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Mr Bear ..... do you realise that you have just replied to a post that is four years old??? ..... or is this one of your jokes?..
Hi fitbadaft, perhaps a visit to Santiago del Teide council offices may be a good route to take. Alternatively the local Police station.
Just a thought.
General Discussion / Re: The weather
« Last post by Mary on May 02, 2018 »
Over the very many years that we have been coming to LG, sometimes a few times a year, we have become increasingly aware that the weather over the Jan/feb / March period is no longer as reliable as it was.
There seems to be a lot more days of heavy cloud and very strong winds.
Probably much the same everywhere, but in those three months compared to UK, Tenerife wins hands down, and we canít imagine being anywhere else, especially when we can be there with a relatively short flight.
General Discussion / Re: The weather
« Last post by VictorM on May 02, 2018 »
The benefits of the sun are outweighed by the very strong winds.  This can be either am or pm but not,usually, all day. At least it is dry, and in a sheltered spot could be lovely.
General Discussion / The weather
« Last post by unhappy on May 02, 2018 »
I have been looking at the live pictures from LG & other areas for some time now, the weather seems just as unsettled as it was when we were over in January. We are coming over for a month shortly is there any chance of it improving
I'm looking for this information, it's the information I'm looking for.
General Discussion / Re: Legacy
« Last post by lesleygee on April 27, 2018 »
I agree. Plenty of SKI holidays are called for.
General Discussion / Re: Legacy
« Last post by frogeddy on April 27, 2018 »
Sounds like a plan ,,,,,, enjoy it!
General Discussion / Re: House Clearance
« Last post by amibovvered on April 27, 2018 »
If you would be interested in donating it to a charity supporting hoelss people in Tenerife I can put you in touch with someone.  Send me a private message if yes and I will give you my contact details.
General Discussion / Legacy
« Last post by pilgrim on April 27, 2018 »
I was thinking of transferring the titles of the property in LG and maybe here in London, to help avoid some death duties, into my children's names. But have now decided to just blow the lot!
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