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General Discussion / Re: 180 days in Spain
« Last post by nophead on April 14, 2022 »
Well that is good news for me because both my wife's parents were Irish and she has previously held an Irish passport when she was younger.

Yes I am aware of the calculator, thanks. We stayed exactly 90 days over Christmas and we will return exactly 90 days later in June on the first day the calculator allows!

The UK and I believe Australia and New Zealand all operate 180 in 360, so I am not sure what it has to do with freedom of movement. You need visas to migrate or work elsewhere, which is fair enough. We just want to holiday over winter. It is just the crazy EU rules, which we didn't comply with even when were were in the EU.
General Discussion / Re: 180 days in Spain
« Last post by Tanemera on April 14, 2022 »
Yes, if you or your spouse have an Irish passport you can enjoy the freedom to travel in the EU that we all enjoyed before Brexit.  In fact, if either you or your spouse have an Irish parent or grandparent I believe that you can apply for an Irish passport, but it can take up to two years.  This applies to either NI or Eire parents/grandparents.  However, I have heard reports of problems with EU immigration due to their lack of awareness of the right for the spouse to benefit from this ruling.

For your information, I contacted the mayor of Santiago last November with reference to the 90 in 180 rule and the effect it is having on UK "Swallows".  He was extremely supportive, unlike my British MP.  I also contacted the British Consul for the Canary Islands.  She too was supportive of the move to change the 90 in 180 to 180 in 360, the same as the UK offers visitors from abroad, but it has become clear that the UK government has little interest in the Shengen rule on the basis that we voted for Brexit to prevent freedom of movement.  So it is entirely up to Shengen member states to make individual arrangements for visas allowing Brits to visit the EU for longer periods.  But, unless the Shengen rules are changed, the 90 in 180 rule will still apply across all other Shengen member states cumulatively.

In case you are having trouble getting your head around the Shengen calculation, the following website may help you.
General Discussion / Re: 180 days in Spain
« Last post by nophead on April 13, 2022 »
We have some friends that have Holiday Property Bonds, a type of timeshare. They have been advised by that company that if your spouse has an EU passport you can travel with them and not be subject to the 90 day rule. You go through the EU passport lane in the airport with them and don't get your passport stamped.

Seems too good to be true as my wife can get an Irish passport. Anybody heard anything about this?
There is someone who advertises regularly on the I Love Los Gigantes Facebook page. I donít know anything about him but Iíve copied his last Facebook post for you

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General Discussion / Window cleaner in Los gigantes -El Hibisco
« Last post by Cole on April 06, 2022 »
Does anyone have name and telephone number for window cleaner who can reach ladder height for cleaning windows
Kind regards
General Discussion / Re: Homeless guy AKA Jesus
« Last post by unhappy on April 05, 2022 »
From your last 2 posts, if you lived here you would soon find out.

I think straight jackets are in plentiful supply.
General Discussion / Re: Lido and oasis
« Last post by unhappy on April 05, 2022 »
Your coming for 3 months wait till you get here, you will have plenty of time to find out
General Discussion / Lido and oasis
« Last post by Georgie on April 05, 2022 »
Are there any signs that they might be open in may

Any news please
General Discussion / Re: Homeless guy AKA Jesus
« Last post by Georgie on April 05, 2022 »
I remember him a few years ago

What is social care like in tenerife
General Discussion / Re: Homeless guy AKA Jesus
« Last post by nophead on April 05, 2022 »
He looked the same as always when were there last month although we did encounter him in more places. For example half way up the Camino Royal to Tamaimo. Only saw him near the church in previous years.
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