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Thanks Peridot.  If you have contact details for Ken would you please send them to me via a Private Message (PM).
Ken Bennett - Tenerife real forum - is the author and started the LG group.
That's an interesting article - some of the suggestions voiced would be welcome in the village. The parking problem was the worst I have ever encountered last January - travelling down to the village in a car is a virtual parking no no.

There is no difference to the parking problem even with the opening of the car park near the Post Office - why would you use the car park if you can park for free on the road - always supposing you can get a parking place. 

How delivery drivers manage to park whilst delivering to shops and restaurants in LG must be a major headache - I notice they often park in the middle of the road at the junction where Harbour Club meets El Sombrero which then mean the Titsa can't turn left to go to the bus terminus.

The article also mentions the introduction of a farmers market in the village square - doesn't that mean even more cars entering the village and vans bringing produce  which then have to be parked somewhere for the duration of the market- although there is a suggestion of a park and ride facility.

Anyone interested in viewing the article its on page 22 of the Tenerife news 9th - 22nd March 2018 - thanks Tanemera.
There is an article about this group in the Tenerife News.  Does anyone have their contact details?
We were in LG in January as the lifeboat brought in the swimmer who had got into difficulties in the natural pool, he was saved by a very brave policeman who jumped in to help.
It never ceases to amaze us how many people leave their brains behind when they go on holiday, endangering not only themselves but the rescue services.
It is high time they were charged the full cost of these rescue missions, if its helicopter, lifeboat or ambulance, it would at least send out a message and may make them think twice, although some of the numpties appear to share just the one brain between them all.
Respect the sea - These muppets didn't

In the last few weeks local news has been full of stories about people in trouble because they ignored warning notices and red flags on the beaches.  Again this weekend another incident, this time in Los Gigantes marina when these two muppets decided to ignore the huge waves coming over the marina wall and attempted to exit the marina in their small boat

Click on the video link below.  One of the men was flipped out of the boat but did manage to swim to the beach.  They are both very lucky it didn't end in disaster.
General Discussion / Re: Just an observation.
« Last post by SandyLea on March 10, 2018 »
It was definitely quieter at Christmas. I've never seen so few people in lg as this December. Agree with you about la bodugita.
General Discussion / Re: Just an observation.
« Last post by Davymar on March 10, 2018 »
El Ankla , head down towards the harbour, past the car barriers, turn right, el ankla is the first restaurant  you come to, on the corner.
General Discussion / Re: Just an observation.
« Last post by Pete on March 10, 2018 »
Been here for a month and don’t recognise that
El Pescador was heaving on a Monday night, TJ’s busy every lunchtime I’ve been in, Abundia busy, had to book for Charlie’s tonight, Tas-k always busy, new places opened up, Tea house and bar, Captain Pizza 🍕.
I thought things looked to be going pretty well this year.
General Discussion / Re: Just an observation.
« Last post by losjack on March 10, 2018 »
El Anklar? Don't recognise, the name where is it?
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