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General Discussion / Re: Building Work
« Last post by nophead on November 08, 2022 »
When we were out in June we were told Crystal was finished but needed an electricity supply before people could move in. Presumably all those pools and aircons need a substantial feed.

The derelict apartments were gone but I think they were still chiselling away at the cliff.
General Discussion / Re: Building Work
« Last post by pilgrim on November 07, 2022 »
When out a couple of months ago Crystal looked finished, and they were tidying up the surroundings.
The complex below on the right on the hill down looked 75% finished.
There doesn't seem to be many people viewing this site anymore, guess they have all gone to Facebook!
We are out end of next week, will have a look and listen and let you and anyone else if they are interested, know what's happening! 
General Discussion / Building Work
« Last post by Pete on November 05, 2022 »
Back out again in February, just wondered if anyone could update me on how the building works are progressing. Are they still working where the old derelict apartments were, and how are the apartments below Calle Geranio coming on. I assume Cristal must be finished by now, they were almost done when we were out earlier this year.
General Discussion / Re: Winter break
« Last post by pilgrim on October 10, 2022 »
Pleased you found somewhere, always good to go back to where you were happy. Let's hope you get on better with the neighbours this time. I never really believed those stories of you running around naked swigging from bottles of Heineken at midnight. I knew you drank Dorado, that's why I never signed the banning petition against you both.
Yes, it is all Doom and Gloom here in Blighty at the moment, mainly self made. As to keep up the Green Farce, we ran down our own Oil and Gas industry, in which at one time we were free of imports, and a net exporter. Only to purchase Oil and gas from overseas, including wood pellets from the other side of the world.
You can't make it up!
General Discussion / Winter break
« Last post by unhappy on October 10, 2022 »
After being let down by the company we had booked with for the last few years. We have now obtained a lovely apartment for 3 months in Playa de Arena in the complex we have stayed in before, (Richard the same place).

We were surprised how many properties were available when we shopped around, perhaps the recession is hitting hard all over Europe.

Also we have noticed how many properties are for sale in the area with all the agents & also some of the crazy prices people are asking for them.
General Discussion / Re: New Members
« Last post by Edward Bear on October 02, 2022 »
Georgie, you are a detestable little person. The whole reason as to why my last post was made was that although many new posters were enrolled there had been no requests or information, or jokes, from any of them and it left me curious.
Now for Heavens sake clear off and annoy some others.
General Discussion / Re: New Members
« Last post by Georgie on October 01, 2022 »
Rude or true 👍
General Discussion / Re: New Members
« Last post by Davymar on October 01, 2022 »
Georgie, you don't exactly help your cause by being rude to other posters.
General Discussion / Re: New Members
« Last post by unhappy on September 30, 2022 »
And I thought you had found another destination to go on holiday Georgie, well you are just going to pack your bucket & spade & bore us to tears with you inane posts again, which none of us will read.

Perhaps, new posters have read your never ending dribble & have already given up the will to live let alone post
General Discussion / Re: New Members
« Last post by Georgie on September 30, 2022 »
What has a joke going to better things

People want to know about restaurants and holidays etc..
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