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General Discussion / Re: Aldi
« Last post by pilgrim on November 11, 2022 »
It has been open a while! Good size store with plenty of room between the aisles.
But still prefer Lidl, maybe because we are used to it.
General Discussion / Re: Shengen
« Last post by unhappy on November 11, 2022 »
Schengen is a joke anyway, it was brought in for free passage within the EU countries that signed up to join another stupid law.

That was until the migrants started turning up all over Europe, the Greek's put them on an Island, the Hungarians erected a barb wired fence & I see today the French have stopped an Italian ship docking because they have migrants on board.

I think the British Government need to learn & act like our EU neighbour's or better still do what they do & did down under, they don't have a migrant problem anymore.
General Discussion / Re: Building Work
« Last post by nophead on November 11, 2022 »
My wife has her Irish passport now, so I shouldn't be restricted to 90 days when I travel with her. We tried to get clarification from the Spanish embassy in Manchester as to how it actually works at airports but they are useless. They said I had to stick to 90 in 180 since brexit but I found an official EU document that is guidance for border guards that states explicitly that I don't. We have printed the front cover and relevant pages in both English and Spanish to take with us.
General Discussion / Re: Shengen
« Last post by nophead on November 11, 2022 »
Yes Spain recently announced their own Digital Nomad visas, so I don't see why they can't issue ones for snowbirds or perhaps property owners. They could charge a moderate fee but as long as it didn't involve jumping through all the hoops a residency visa requires it would be OK.
General Discussion / Shengen
« Last post by Tanemera on November 11, 2022 »
The following article is from the iNews newspaper. I don't agree that Spain has to ask Brussels for permission. My understanding is that the issue of visas is the responsibility solely of the country issuing them, i. e. Spain.

"Spain’s Secretary of State for the Ministry of Tourism and Industry, Fernando Valdés, wants to scrap the rule that limits British tourists, as well as tourists from other countries, from staying in Spain for only 90 days in any 180-days period, in a bid to further boost the tourism sector in this country.

In an interview for iNews, Secretary Valdés said that Spain would like to end the rule that permits non-EU travellers from visa-free countries to stay in the Schengen area for only 90 days within any six months, in order to enable travellers, including British holidaymakers, to stay in Spain indefinitely, when visiting for tourism purposes.

Yet, in order for such a thing to happen, the decision should be taken at Brussels-level, as Spain alone, cannot change anything in this regard, reports".
General Discussion / Aldi
« Last post by Tanemera on November 11, 2022 »
Just drove past Adeje on TF1 and noticed there is anew Aldi store right opposite Lidl. Not sure if it is open yet. I wonder when we will get one in Los G.
General Discussion / Re: Building Work
« Last post by unhappy on November 11, 2022 »
Pete, sorry I know this has nothing to do with the building work.

We don't care if it is 85 or 90 days.

What does annoy us is that WE as a nation the British are classed as undesirables after 90 days, but economic migrants NOT asylum seekers from all around the world can put up camps & stay in the EU as long as they like until they get an illegal boat over here & one country expects us to pay to keep them there, which is a total waste of money because that country is doing nothing to stop them.

I even herd one do gooder saying Germany had 100,000+ migrants, does she not realise it is about 5 times larger than the UK, another stupid person.

They should drop the words EU because the last time we looked we are still a country in Europe & just be called the US.
General Discussion / Re: Building Work
« Last post by nophead on November 11, 2022 »
Looking at Paul Ruane's facebook page it seems they have only just connected the electricity and will switch it on tomorrow, so as they were waiting for it in June it must have been a big job as I surmised.
General Discussion / Re: Building Work
« Last post by nophead on November 10, 2022 »
It will be stamped in her passport and no doubt logged by the automatic passport gates if they have them in Austria.
General Discussion / Re: Building Work
« Last post by pilgrim on November 10, 2022 »
Unhappy, what I am saying is book 90 days in Tenerife, they will not know Denise has used 5 days of her allowance in another (Austria) EU country.
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