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General Discussion / Re: Car hire
« Last post by Tanemera on Yesterday at 07:36 PM »
Pedestrian crossings are just a suggestion for a safe place to cross.  Locals drivers frequently don't bother.  Also, if you are driving and stop for a pedestrian, a friendly wave of acknowledgement is rare.
General Discussion / Supermarket prices los gigantes
« Last post by Georgie on Yesterday at 07:35 PM »
What is the local cost for the local products and is it cheaper getting it on the flight over or at the duty free when you land

Thomas Cook are giving 10 pound off

Marlboro lights cigarettes

Feedback would be great thank you
General Discussion / Re: Car hire
« Last post by Georgie on Yesterday at 07:31 PM »
I have never been bothered in hiring a car

Taxis and buses are fine to get around

Especially if you like a few beers during the flight and at lunchtime if we are visiting certain areas

Also the motorway from the airport and return to los gigantes is like a race track

How far does the motorway now go

Does it pass alcala now
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Charlie's Bistro
« Last post by Georgie on Yesterday at 07:27 PM »
Knew I would get blamed for it xx

On the same post thread

I can't quite seem to remember where the restaurant is located

What shops are either side

I might get commission from them also
General Discussion / Re: Car hire
« Last post by unhappy on Yesterday at 07:23 PM »
Angie, I think you mean turning right & yes they seem to make up the rules as they go along, but generally to leave any road on an Island you stay in the outside lane.

A word of warning do not expect them to indicate anywhere and not being a MSP, but in my experience the women hate stopping at a zebra crossings.
General Discussion / Re: Car hire
« Last post by ANGIE on Yesterday at 06:59 PM »
Am i right in thinking that there is a different protocol for approaching islands here to in England? Seems to be that if you intrnd turning left leaving an island, you stay in OUTSIDE lane all the way round? Straight on, OUTSIDE lane too and only use inside lane for driving round the whole island and going back on yourself or disappearing up the proverbial???
General Discussion / Re: Car hire
« Last post by SandyLea on Yesterday at 06:47 PM »
 Thank you AWOL and pilgrim too for the roundabout warning
General Discussion / Re: Car hire
« Last post by pilgrim on Yesterday at 05:56 PM »
The locals do not understand a roundabout, they will cross it to go straight ahead at full blast or take a turning off without signal, as if it is a crossroads. Anyone on said rotary is invisible to them.
General Discussion / Re: Car hire
« Last post by AWOL on Yesterday at 05:01 PM »
Once you have registered just go to their website and follow the process. Automatic cars will show up. Take your pick or look before hand. Easy peasy.

You pay on arrival. They may charge a fuel deposit but we always take back as collected and get a refund no hassle.


Just take care on roundabouts😈
General Discussion / Re: Car hire
« Last post by SandyLea on Yesterday at 01:30 PM »
Yes, we will probably use cicar then awol if as you say they do automatic cars. We had looked in their shop in Puerto Santiago but it always seemed closed over the Christmas period but I suppose I'll order online beforehand then and collect at airport when we land. Can you stipulate automatic on the online form? I'm used to driving in Cyprus as they drive on the left but as Tenerife drive on the right, dont think I'd cope with changing gear with the other hand, that's why I'd really want an automatic and all the hire cars we had seen seemed to be gearstick ones.
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