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General Discussion / Re: Getting expensive
« Last post by Tanemera on July 30, 2021 »
We had the usual call from Boots inviting us to make an appointment for our annual 'flu jab.  I asked about the Covid booster and was told this would probably be done at the same centre where we received jabs 1 and 2.
General Discussion / Re: Getting expensive
« Last post by TimO on July 30, 2021 »
There was talk of this happening over here in the ROI a few months ago, and it will more than likely happen over in the UK, as well. There was talk of mixing it in with the flu jab, and there was also talk of people receiving a different vaccine to the one they received already, which would boost their immune systems even more, so, it would be a win-win for everybody?
General Discussion / Re: Getting expensive
« Last post by Georgie on July 29, 2021 »
Just got a text message that in September when I have my flu jab they are giving out covid booster injections also

That is new to me anyone else aware of this
General Discussion / Re: Quiet Village
« Last post by cs on July 29, 2021 »
60s bar are closed a couple of nights a week, one of those nights is definitely a Tuesday, not sure which other night. The flights are so cheap were going next week, Ive checked and most of the places we like to eat out are open
General Discussion / Re: Quiet Village
« Last post by unhappy on July 29, 2021 »
Thanks for the update, we don't know about the restaurants you have mentioned as we never eat in LG, but if they are closing early things must be bad, of course most of the Spanish will do their own cooking even on holiday.

We have looked at coming over after the kids go back to school & staying in a hotel B&B only, to go out & eat but it's a little worrying if they shutting, also it might be quiet but the prices seem expensive.

Also we were hoping to sort out our accommodation for our 3 month winter visit next year, but it does not look to promising after being stuck there with no restaurants open once before.
General Discussion / Quiet Village
« Last post by pilgrim on July 29, 2021 »
We arrived Saturday afternoon, property safe, which is always a worry when you are away for so long, and the property around us tends to be rented, so no permanent owners to keep an eye out. A fine red sand outside, and even inside where it has blown in, amazing how quick properties fall in to disrepair when left unloved. So we have eaten this week at Rosso Pommodoro, which is where the Nosh Shop used to be. Nice fresh Italian food, run by a young couple with family, who are popping in and out. Not expensive and nice food. 60's bar next door was closed! We have never been in there, but wanted to this time to thank Eddie and Hollie, for posting the short films about LG that we have seen on Youtube during the Lockdown. Another couple of nights we have been to Buen Gusto, which is the old Chinese next to Typsy Terrace, which is still shut. The menu is very similar to Bodeguita, but somehow is an improvement. They are lovely people, and nothing is to much trouble. Last night went in to San Juan arriving at 7pm, sat down at resturant in front on beach, only to be told kitchen shut and closing at 7.30pm. It seams that all the resturants were closing, maybe a more stringent lockdown than LG! So we returned and ate in the Plaza, which was fine. Although the flights are coming in now, still exstreamly quiet with brits, but lots of Spanish about, whom have come down from the North for their holidays. :(
General Discussion / Los Gigantes Hotel
« Last post by Jinty on July 27, 2021 »
Hi, can anyone tell me if the TUI hotel above is open?
General Discussion / Re: Getting expensive
« Last post by pilgrim on July 26, 2021 »
Thanks all for the kind words, we have been out and about since we arrived Saturday afternoon. Will give you a village update tomorrow. Just hitting that sweet relaxation spot now this evening!! Think you may know what I mean!
General Discussion / Re: Getting expensive
« Last post by Davymar on July 26, 2021 »
I hope you know all the dance steps
very good! ;D
General Discussion / Re: Getting expensive
« Last post by Georgie on July 26, 2021 »
I don't hold grudges so when I am back I will buy everyone a drink

We all need to get back to the place we love
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