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General Discussion / Re: Tenerife opera
« Last post by Mary on Yesterday at 10:09 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Tenerife opera
« Last post by Shifnalgirl on Yesterday at 10:04 AM »
What size shoes are you looking for   ;D ;D
General Discussion / Washing Machine
« Last post by Shifnalgirl on Yesterday at 10:02 AM »
Hi we need to buy a new washing machine when we come over can anyone recommend a retailer? Thanks
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Charlie's Bistro Los Gigantes
« Last post by chrisw99 on Yesterday at 09:46 AM »
Can anyone tell me if Charlie's Bistro is suitable for kids?  I heard a rumour that it was adults only.  We are out in two days with two kids age 8 and 12, and would like to go here due to all the recommendations and remember Jason from the Harbour Lights in the days pre-kids.
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: What's new in restaurants?
« Last post by chrisw99 on Yesterday at 09:43 AM »
Used to go in Harbour Lights 20 years ago. Flaming Sausages for starter and Enchiladas for main course, yum yum. 

Mexican is my favourite food.  Any good Mexican restaurants around these days?  There's the one on the way to Arena, but the only time I ever got seriously ill in Los Gigantes was the day after eating there (they used chopping boards not plates for the food), so it's put me off ever going back.
We are flying out in 2 days with our children (8 and 12), and they love the Oasis.  One tip - it goes really cheap after 3pm (or is it 4pm), rather than paying the full day price you only have to pay a couple of euros which is good if you just want an hour there.

The Lido is also quite good as well, has a nice cheap bar.  For years we didn't go in even for a look as we assumed with the guy on the gate and a till you had to pay, but we discovered you only pay to use the pool so can go in and have a drink and a look around for free.

You can see the lido on the live webcam bottom left...

My pool is bottom right so please ignore the large pale fat bloke you may see splashing around.

General Discussion / Tenerife opera
« Last post by Georgie on August 20, 2017 »
Is there any opera on in tenerife

Not fussed where it is but details in December would be good or any live shoes
The Oasis pool is wonderful & has an infinity pool (great food but daytime only). There are slides & an area for young children (it was refurbished approx 2 years ago).  However I do like the Lido (I was there today).  It's a lovely pool with great views & the drinks are very cheap ! 3 euros for a smoothie.
The weather last New Year was quite windy but it was still quite warm.  We spent New Year in the square, watching a great band & the atmosphere was excellent.  Tipsy Terrace is beautifully decorated at Xmas they really make an effort there. Try Highland Paddy, CK's bistro, Charlies bistro & Astaurius in the square (all great restaurants) !  There is mini golf at the Tipsy Terrace as well. 
Your apartment is situated at the bottom of a steep Hill, but you can always get a taxi from there to the square, I'm Sure it wouldn't be more than 3 euros. Have a fantastic time !
General Discussion / Re: Old sea dog
« Last post by Mary on August 19, 2017 »
Sounds very interesting Pilgrim. I am hopeless with names and would pass recognise him from a picture. I can always remember many moons ago a chap coming into the harbour on a yacht, and meeting him in Harbour Lights,  he said he came in every year for a break from the roaches onboard ugh.

Something for you to think about when you do your trip 😉
I think if you want tipsy terrace for Christmas day to book asap they may already be full. We are in lg before Christmas then return for new and Canadian Christmas 6 January it's a great place.
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