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General Discussion / Registering vehicles in Tenerife
« Last post by Loben on July 19, 2017 »
We are considering bringing over a left hand drive car (which at the moment is registered in the UK).  Could anyone recommend someone who manages registering UK vehicles in Tenerife please ? Thanks

General Discussion / Los Gigantes Vetenary
« Last post by bernie on July 15, 2017 »
Has anyone been to the vets with their pet recently since Caroline left? Was wondering who took it over and are they as good as Caroline? She was excellent with the animals, shame we had to lose her.
Local Restaurant Guide / Re: Charlie's Bistro Los Gigantes
« Last post by Tim Malloy on July 15, 2017 »
We had a lovely dinner at Charlie's on Tuesday night. The food was first class and the enthusiastic staff are passionate about their cuisine.

We had a warm welcome and were well looked after. The whole experience was excellent.

I would recommend Charlie's without hesitation.
General Discussion / Fiesta today
« Last post by Tim Malloy on July 15, 2017 »
Should be a great night!
General Discussion / Re: Natural Pool Crab Island
« Last post by AWOL on July 11, 2017 »
One can always use the pools at Alcala. They are tide dependent but safe and also have a life Guard on duty. Watch the jelly fish though sometimes but they have warnings and close the pools if they are around. When that happens you can use the adjacent beaches and or have an aperitive in the beach bar there. Another nice and safe place to swim there is the harbour of course.

General Discussion / Re: Natural Pool Crab Island
« Last post by magsnmike on July 10, 2017 »
Many years ago we witnessed someone swept off it, nothing anyone could do for them.  You can view it from the opposite side if you walk around the back of the Barcelo Santiago.  Would never go near it again, so dangerous. 
General Discussion / Re: Natural Pool Crab Island
« Last post by will on July 09, 2017 »
When I last visited a number of years ago I was informed that 7 unfortunate people had drowned,the majority were Germans I think.Very sad,but visitors often do not realise the power of the sea especially in Winter.
General Discussion / Re: Natural Pool Crab Island
« Last post by joey on July 09, 2017 »
Not everyone who has been swept away and drowned were swimming in the pool at the time . Walkers have been swept away too , the gates are locked to protect visitors from themselves. 
At other times of the year the pool is safe and popular , perhaps it would be better if the sign was removed and the steps destroyed , so no-one could ever go down there.
For Sale/Wanted / Sun beds for sale
« Last post by flossie55 on July 09, 2017 »
Two sun beds for sale, with covers, as new €40 each. 
Let's all have a laugh / How I Nearly Became A Doctor
« Last post by Edward Bear on July 08, 2017 »

When I was young I decided I wanted to be a doctor, so I took the entrance exam
to go to Medical School .
One of the questions asked was to rearrange the letters “PNEIS" into the name of an important human body part which is most useful when erect.
Those who answered "spine" are doctors today.
The rest of us are sending jokes by email.

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