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General Discussion / Re: Travel Insurance
« Last post by will on July 28, 2022 »
For £13 a month and £65 extra if you are over 70, itís a lot better value than other options.
Remember it is worldwide cover for travel, and your car breakdown, also your phones are covered.
Remember to declare pre existing medical conditions this can increase the cost ,but I found the total cost was fantastic for a years cover.
General Discussion / Re: Travel Insurance
« Last post by cs on July 27, 2022 »
Thank you, Iím going to look into that itís much cheaper than weíve pay for our current annual policy
General Discussion / Re: Travel Insurance
« Last post by pilgrim on July 27, 2022 »
Thank you for the info! that's helpful!!
General Discussion / Travel Insurance
« Last post by unhappy on July 27, 2022 »
Hi everybody as some of us are getting a little older every year & travel Ins seems to be going up some banks are now offering travel Ins free plus a monthly fee.

The monthly fee is a lot less than all the Ins companies I have asked for a quote, myself being over 75, the wife 72 & both with pre existing medical conditions.

There are 3 main companies offering these type of accounts with various perks

Nationwide Flex plus £156 pr yr upto 69

Virgin money club M £174 pr yr upto 75

Co-op extra               £180 pr yr incl  79

If you join as a joint A/C both parties are covered for the single yearly fee.

Hope this is of interest.
General Discussion / Local News.
« Last post by Edward Bear on July 20, 2022 »
Dolly, Good morning.
We all appreciate that you are a busy lady however is there a possibility that we could have an
update on Local News. I am sure that much has happened since 2013.
Thank you in advance Dolly.
General Discussion / Re: Fireworks
« Last post by nophead on July 18, 2022 »
There was also a good one for my birthday on 23rd of June, although it was actually for San Juan.
General Discussion / Fireworks
« Last post by Edward Bear on July 17, 2022 »
It was worth waiting for.
What a fantastic fireworks display in Puerto de Santiago last/morning.
All credit to the organisers and the technicians. It was really spectacular.
Finally returning in August to visit our timeshare at The Harbour Club, the last time was 2019, before the world turned into a (non-fiction) disaster movie!
When we bought it in 1986, there was very little in the way of shops, restaurants and bars in LG and by the sounds of it, the clocks have been reset.
I found out yesterday, that Simple Simons had closed for good. As noted elsewhere, it was part of the fixtures and fittings, with it's timeshare touts outside in those early days. So sorry to "hear" it, such a shame, but entirely understandable. Where are we going to get our weekend crumpets from now?!
Hopefully, there will be a few restaurants left for us to eat and spend out money.
General Discussion / Re: Getting expensive
« Last post by unhappy on June 29, 2022 »
Most of the time you now do not go to a border guard only when very busy, they have the electronic scanning system, therefore your entry & exit dates will be recorded & stored on computer.

As for the Irish situation perhaps we should remind them that although they remain in the EU they have a special agreement which could be removed if they keep objecting to goods going from the UK to NI without being checked. I am sure many business would love the red tape to stop
General Discussion / Re: Getting expensive
« Last post by pilgrim on June 28, 2022 »
Good point! Can't remember!
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