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General Discussion / Re: Palm trees
« Last post by Tanemera on Yesterday at 08:03 PM »
Take the steps up to the second level opposite beach, approx half way along Playa Arena, to the Tourist Office.  Council office is next door.
General Discussion / Re: Taxi
« Last post by petersc on Yesterday at 06:47 PM »
Kein problem - I am sure !!  :-\\
General Discussion / Palm trees
« Last post by Barneysmum on Yesterday at 04:46 PM »
Hi does anyone know if it's true that the local council will cut the fronds off palm trees that are in someone's garden without charging?  If so could you let me know which ayuntamirento I need to go to...I've heard it's in Playa la Arena but can only find an address in Puerto Santiago.  Thanks in advance  8)
Eating Out and Entertainment / Re: Delivery take away
« Last post by VictorM on Yesterday at 03:39 PM »
Yes, Georgie
For Sale/Wanted / Photo of table and chairs.
« Last post by susieq22 on Yesterday at 11:28 AM »
Photo of table and chairs for sale as above Los gigantes area.very good condition
General Discussion / Re: Sad News.
« Last post by mrs kipling on Yesterday at 10:53 AM »
Let's all have a laugh / Re: Just like that
« Last post by pilgrim on October 17, 2017 »
Edward, have u opened ur xmas joke book early!
Eating Out and Entertainment / Re: Days Gone By
« Last post by cs on October 17, 2017 »
and some lovely shops at Siam Mall
General Discussion / Re: Tenerife calima
« Last post by cs on October 17, 2017 »
the people in La Palma the island where they happened
Eating Out and Entertainment / Re: Days Gone By
« Last post by Edward Bear on October 17, 2017 »
Good handbag shop in Vigilia Park.
Go in the morning and ask for Helen.
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