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Title: Oasis
Post by: Mary on August 31, 2020
Sorry to hear that Oasis is closing, itís sad but if there are no tourists than itís difficult to see how it could continue. Weíve spent many happy hours there, hopefully eventually it may manage to become viable again.
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: janey on August 31, 2020
thats very sad - is it closing permanently or just until the tourists return?
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: blarer on August 31, 2020
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: Tanemera on August 31, 2020
I did hear that ownership was changing but this is much worse.  My granddaughter will miss it.  So will my Mrs T and I.
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: hadarusu on August 31, 2020
So sorry to hear that Oasis has closed it is a tragedy, let us hope it opens up again under new ownership when things get better, which they will. Los Gigantes is a wonderful place and wonderful people in it to. So proud to own an apartment in lovely Los Gigantes.
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: VictorM on September 01, 2020
The Oasis has NOT closed for good - only until life make it economically viable to re-open. Not everything you glean from Facebook etc is true - much is Fake News!
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: Davymar on September 01, 2020
Yes you are right Victor, I saw on a Spanish language site saying exactly the same as you, problem was, i could not remember where i saw it! People should stop and check before believing anything they read on facefook, there is more crap posted on there than anywhere else!
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: Mary on September 01, 2020
 it was on another Tenerife site and was written by Jo Lamb who I believe is very well respected.
Unfortunately I’m hopeless with technology so am unable to show the original notice.

Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: linda on September 02, 2020
Jo lamb added the new statement the next day which stated we are closing till tourism increases.Yes she is great for info .
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: Mary on September 02, 2020
Thankyou Linda, the original post was By the oasis team was very definite that it was closing for good, the day after there was a new update saying it actually was until people came back.
Yes I agree she is brilliant with information and on the ball.
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: Georgie on September 02, 2020
 Does jo lamb have any updates on restaurants or the parking  by pablado marinero please
Title: Re: Oasis
Post by: pilgrim on November 12, 2020
Saw an English group playing bowls in Oasis, so not completely closed. The sign does say closed till further notice!