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Title: Coastal Walk
Post by: Pete on June 17, 2020
Does anyone know how the walkway from Crab Island to the Barcelo Santiago is progressing.
When I was over in February/March it seemed to be almost complete.
Title: Re: Coastal Walk
Post by: nophead on June 17, 2020
The last pictures of it posted on the forum a few weeks showed it was mainly finished, with just the glass balustrades being the obvious missing bits. It even had lights and trees planted.

When I was in front of the Barcelo, just before lockdown in March, the old path was a complete mess. It looked like it was damaged by a storm that hit the hotel rooms and knocked down the lamp posts. Either that or the construction damaged it. It was passable but not really up to scratch to be opened and no sign of work on it at that time.
Title: Re: Coastal Walk
Post by: Pete on June 19, 2020
I read they are about to start with improvements to the coastal path from Varadero to Alcala.
Viewpoints, access for swimming and surfing, seating and planting.
Good to see improvements continuing, but it would have been nice to see the section from the end of the path to Alcala completed first.
Title: Re: Coastal Walk
Post by: nophead on June 19, 2020
Yes my wife sprained her ankle on the rough track during the first calima in March when we were walking into the wind. The weather was OK when we set of from Varadero but quickly deteriorated and we got sand blasted making it hard to see our footing.