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Title: Atlantis FM
Post by: jsw321 on June 05, 2020
Firstly I hope all in lovely Los Gigantes are safe and well, we were supposed to be flying out for 2 weeks on 20th June which of course has now been postpone to a later date....hopefully not too many months away!

I'm interested to know what has happened to Atlantis FM.  We used to listen to this on our visits but also back home in the UK on TuneIn app, but when over in August it had gone off the air, and despite a brief return on TuneIn, has not been online for several months!  Has it really gone for good?  Did something happen that shut it down? And is there another equivalent station worth listening to?

Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Atlantis FM
Post by: Tanemera on June 06, 2020
I used to listen to Atlantis but it disappeared some time ago.  Try Coast FM, they have their own app with  local news and relevant commercials.  I notice TuneIn have dropped the BBC radio channels but I use the  BBC Sounds app now instead as I couldn't find BBC Radio on BBC iPlayer. 
Title: Re: Atlantis FM
Post by: blarer on June 06, 2020
Try Oasis FM on Tunein, says it's Tenerife's longest running British radio station established 1997. If you Spanish is good enough try Radio Gigante also on Tunein. Really miss Power FM back in it's heyday with Bob Preston, Theresa Willson and Jaun the Man.