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Title: Outstanding
Post by: lesleygee on January 24, 2020
We're heading home tomorrow after our three week annual pilgrimage and I have to say this year has surpassed all others.  The food in the restaurants this year has been outstanding, the prices are very reasonable, I'm sure the local businesses have been challenged with regards to the roadworks but it will all be worth it in the end, we could see the progress in the short time we were here. We were also fortunate enough to have met some lovely new people who, like us, have a special affinity with the place. So all in all we've made some nice new memories and can't wait to return. It's so heart warming to return to this sup community year after year. A big thanks to all those small businesses who work so hard to make our stay so enjoyable. La Bodequita, Alfonso's place, Mamma Lucia, Cass Pepe, Aires del Sur, Sauco in Alcala, TJ's, Bamboo Bar, Bar La Sangria, Sizzling Punjab, the Tea House, the list is endless, and also to the expats who are happy to stop and have a chat. This is undoubtedly our happy place, thank you all and see you next year.
Title: Re: Outstanding
Post by: pilgrim on January 25, 2020
Pleased you had a great time! Think the local economy may see a little down turn in your absence?
Come back soon!
Title: Re: Outstanding
Post by: Georgie on January 25, 2020
I am totally jealous

I wish we could spend more time there

Title: Re: Outstanding
Post by: SandyLea on January 26, 2020
Us too Georgie.  I feel it is our happy place as well. Can't wait for 23 Dec.
Title: Re: Outstanding
Post by: Georgie on January 26, 2020
We went to the north of the island in march 19 and it was not the same feel

Now looking hopefully this march for 1 week

It is a special friendly place where people remember you
Title: Re: Outstanding
Post by: lesleygee on January 27, 2020
We absolutely love it. Hopefully try a few new places next year, we always seem to run out of time. We're back to the freezing cold in Scotland.