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Title: Advice Needed!
Post by: Eddie on May 18, 2018
Hey everyone, been a while since I have been on here despite continuing to visit Arena every year - next visit is in July!

I am looking for some advice about a business I am involved in and is launch in Spain and the Canaries at the end of June. A bit of background - it is a health and wellness business specialising in nutrition plans for weight loss, weight management and performance and energy.

Are there any online networking/business/health/fitness groups that anyone could recommend based in the Canaries? The business opportunity is available to anyone as is taking part in the programme.

Any help would be greatly received - I might even be able to extend my thanks to a beer at Casa Meco when we come over!

Best wishes,


Title: Re: Advice Needed!
Post by: VictorM on May 23, 2018
My new business is called 'ALCOLHOL SPIRITUALISM' and in LG I have 100`s  of clients!!  Sounds like Herbal Life for which there was a local rep a few years ago.
Title: Re: Advice Needed!
Post by: Davymar on May 23, 2018
I have developed, through lots of practice, a way of converting Wine, Beer and Spirits into urine, it seems to work very well, i may market the idea on my next visit.