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Title: Mimosa apartments
Post by: Coldandtired on April 08, 2018
Anyone know anything about these , seems a nice position. Are they available for rental
Title: Re: Mimosa apartments
Post by: unhappy on April 08, 2018
Officially no, the only properties you are allowed to rent are Touristicly licensed and you should only go through the legal letting agent ( rip off merchants ).

But due to the state of other Tourist Countries, the Canarian Government following their draconian and illegal actions finning owners of properties who did not let, suddenly realised there was money to gain so have turned a blind eye to owners letting.

As to answer your question, some of the apartments are very nice and very handy for the village of LG
Title: Re: Mimosa apartments
Post by: pilgrim on April 09, 2018
Have the Canarian Authorities now stopped fining owners who let illegally.
Title: Re: Mimosa apartments
Post by: unhappy on April 09, 2018
I am not sure, according to the Government they still have the Inspectors but they can not carry out Inspections the way they did or fine you for advertising.

The Supreme court ruled that these actions were illegal because of lack of proof.

But I would add a word of caution complexes that were used by large tourist organizations were not fined although under the law were acting illegally, they picked on the private owners, easy to fine and without a bank of lawyers behind them.

The law clearly states that properties can only be let if they are in a Tourist licensed complex and are let through the complexes sole agent only.

The sole agent in my old complex took 60% of the booking if he obtained the rental, and he took 40% if you obtained the booking yourself on top of that he deducted 24.75% tax for the Government.

I will let you judge when we owned it why we did not rent our property or advertize it.