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Title: Obtaining a "Vado Permanente" Sign
Post by: MothandMaggot on February 21, 2018
Hi, apologies if this is not the correct board on which to post, though i am new to the forum

I have recently inherited a property in the Los Gigantes area. The property in which i have inherited has its own private garage and drive. However, at present i am having difficulty with illegally parked cars which are left both on the drive and in front.

After some very brief and basic research i believe that it is possible to obtain a "Vado Permanente" sign accompanied by a police permit number, enforcing the parking restriction. However, whilst i have a brief awareness of this, I am struggling to find out further information as to how i go about obtaining it. I assume that it will be something arranged through the town hall and that a fee of some amount will be payable.

As the situation is all very new to me, I wondered if there was anyone out there who had been in a similar situation who could offer any advice? If so it would be most appreciated.

Many thanks 8)
Title: Re: Obtaining a "Vado Permanente" Sign
Post by: Tanemera on February 21, 2018
I believe you have to apply at the town hall (Ayutamiento) which is in Santiago del Teide.  However, you should first try their local office in Playa Arena.  This is upstairs about half way along the shopping area, opposite the black sand beach, next to the Tourist Information office.  They are very helpful, speak some English and will certainly be able to tell you where to apply.  Alternatively, you could try the other council office just round the corner from Apartments Drago in Puerto Santiago, on thr same sude as.Dino's supermarket, a few yards further up the hill.  They deal with car registration and other matters there. There is an annual charge which I think may be around 150 euros.
Title: Re: Obtaining a "Vado Permanente" Sign
Post by: MothandMaggot on February 22, 2018
Thank you very much for the information Tanemera. It is most appreciated and something in which I will certainly follow up. If successful I will post again to clarify the exact process and how helpful I found each office to be. Thanks again :)
Title: Re: Obtaining a "Vado Permanente" Sign
Post by: amibovvered on February 24, 2018
I think you should follow the advice of Tanemara, except I think his comment on cost is likely to be inaccurate.  I live in the county of Guia de Isora but I have a vado permanente which costs 35.40 per annum, I can't remember the initial cost of setting it up but it was certainly well below 100.
Title: Re: Obtaining a "Vado Permanente" Sign
Post by: MothandMaggot on February 26, 2018
Hi Amibovvered, again, thank you for the time taken to reply. I'm still in the very early stages of obtaining the Vado and will update again once the process is complete :)