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Title: Accident waiting to happen
Post by: Tanemera on February 18, 2018
The terrible accident on the Fonsalia spur road this morning ( https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/one-dead-and-three-injured-after-three-car-collision-in-piedra-hincada.html (https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/one-dead-and-three-injured-after-three-car-collision-in-piedra-hincada.html) ), I suspect, due to a driver overtaking on the single lane downward route having not wanted to stick to the 80 kph speed limit.  This has happened to me twice.  On the second occasion the driver overtook about 10 cars, with his horn blaring, using the upward, outer, lane and would have had nowhere to go if he/she had met someone heading uphill.  It is very sad that someone has died and others seriously injured.
Title: Re: Accident waiting to happen
Post by: Tanemera on March 17, 2018
Another accident today.  Vehicle perched on top of the concrete wall at the side of the downhill lane.  Almost certainly due to someone overtaking coming down the hill.  Beware of using the overtaking hill going up as you never know what you will meet coming down!