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Author Topic: windows vista and xcel/word  (Read 2464 times)

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windows vista and xcel/word
« on: July 15, 2008 »
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  • I wonder if anyone can help me, I have several xcel/word docs which I'm trying to print off at the Internet Cafes (I don't have a printer) - I am using Windows vista and am unable to print off as they only have Windows XP and there is compatability issue, my docs are all now in 'code' - is there an easy fix around this problem, I am not very computer literate so a step by step guide would help (if there is a one). I have even tried to copy/paste my new xcel sheets into an old xcel sheet but it won't let me. Same issue applies with any word docs.


    Re: windows vista and xcel/word
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  • I don?t have Vista so I am not familiar with the problem.  But try this.

    Open one of the Word documents on your Vista computer. Then click on File, then, Save As, and look to see what file format options are available to you. You will probably find an option to save in a pre Vista Word format which would be compatible with XP. But save using a different file name so as not to change the format of your original file.

    The same principle should apply to your Excel files.

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    Re: windows vista and xcel/word
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  • First of all - What version of microsoft offfice do you have installed on your vista machine?

    Second - What version of microsoft office to they have on the Windows XP machine in the internet cafe where you are trying to print?

    It is a compatability issue.

    The easy fix is to save the files on your vista machine in the correct format for the internet cafe computer.

    Let me know and we will talk you through this.

    The easy way is to bring your lap top to Custon Built Computers in El Varadero tel 922 862713, or put your files on a memory stick and we will print it for you.

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    Re: windows vista and xcel/word
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  • Thank you will try the 'fix' - if it fails I will call in with memory stick - thanks again