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Author Topic: Will YOU be the first to lie on the new San Juan beach ?  (Read 4270 times)

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I understand the newly constructed beach in San Juan is to be opened to the public next month - it will be strange to know that your not actually sitting on the sand at all,  but lying on top of about 100 huge concrete blocks  covered in rock dust - still, better to lie on top I suppose rather than underneath !.

I've heard that the far end of the new beach is to be given over to, how shall I put it, to those who wish to sunbathe without trunks, shorts or bikinis.  At this point could I ask that a newly sited webcam be put in position forthwith so that viewers can monitor the situation to ensure that is the case !   ;D
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I thought the blocks were only on the beach until they built the breakwater with them, but I could be wrong.


The concrete blocks have been placed in the water to make breakers (2,500 approx). There were none placed on the beach. I live in San Juan and have been watching daily events).  At the moment Acciona (contractors) are working on placing the sand (or should I say ground down stones/rocks extracted from under the original beach) on the beach.  Two bars have been built on the promenade and we wait with abated breath where the toilets/changing rooms are to be located (Guia council stated in the local paper we would have these facilities.  Sorry no news on a nudie beach.


I think that after spending over 3 Million on the new beach, they should of gone all the way and put in Golden Sand. Lets face it, if your going to do a job, do it properly !  :'(


I agree entirely re the golden sand but I must say the black sand has toned in quite well against the black rocks.


Just popped down to San Juan today and Beach looking good. Looks like it will be ready in March and will be Massive, compared to the old one. Still alot of tidying up to do though, but they are working hard.

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i would have visited it if it had been golden..... but black does nothing for me!


I heard a saying once.............. Once You Have Black, You Never Go Back...............don't know if this refers to Beaches !!!!!!  ;)  ;D ;)

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San Juan Beach Finally opened today.  For more info


Lots of people on there already. Looks lovely.