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Author Topic: Where to hand in children quote s presents for King quote s Night endash Sat 5th Dec  (Read 2114 times)

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Several people have been asking where to hand in the childrenquote s presents which will be handed out by the 3 kings on Sat 5th Jan

All presents need to be clearly labelled with the Childquote s Name & Age

Gifts can be handed in at the following locations:

Ayuntamiento Office in Playa Arena endash  Opposite beach endash  up stairs above Banca March endash  turn right endash  far end office (not the tourist information office)

Jes'fas endash  Bank Manager endash  Banco Santander endash  Los Gigantes

Bazar Rosman (not sure of spelling) endash  next to Banco Santander endash  Los Gigantes