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What if anything would you change?
« on: March 22, 2008 »
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  • There are lots of interesting ideas posted on this message board about how to improve Los Gigantes as a tourist resort. They come from residents (both retired  and economically active) and tourist and represent a good cross section of informed opinion and collectively they could be described as  a ?focus group?  which should be listened to by the authorities. But what usually happens is that a thread dies out when someone starts another similar one and the same things are repeated again and again and things are never quantified or brought to a constructive conclusion.  So I have set up two Polls which can put numbers against ideas in terms of support or objections.

    If  I?ve set it up correctly there should be 10 questions per poll and you have 5 votes to allocate for each poll.  You should be able to return to the poll and make changes if you change your mind.

    OK, it?s not a perfect questionnaire. But I?ve concentrated on issues which are largely within the control of the local authority and avoided those which are not.  If you want to suggest improvements, tell me now so they can be incorporated (where possible).

    I have provided a photo of a proposed scheme for the Marina to stimulate your brain cells.

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    Re: What if anything would you change?
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  • I like the photo!! I think all your points are positive ones. ;D,


    Re: What if anything would you change?
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  • Only 16 responses. I thought it was worth bringing back to the front page. Does anyone wish to discuss the voting so far, or is this subject now dead ?