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Tourist Strategy 2008 to 2015
« on: May 16, 2008 »
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  • One thing the recently presented Tourist Strategy 2008 t0 2015 appears to have overlooked is how to actually get the tourists onto the Isand by making it attractive for airlines other than charter flights and budget airlines from the UK to use Reina Sofia airport. The tourist authorities on Tenerife  have admitted that there could be a problem attracting the type of tourist that they want for the premium resorts because they will want more choice than charter flights and budget airlines, but there is no reference as far as I can see in the strategy for doin anything about attracting more choices of air services into the island. If some is paying a premium price to stay at say Abama, they probably wo'nt want to travel by EasyJet, and it's a problem the Tenerife tourist industry must address if it wants to remain a leading family holiday attraction.