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Titsa Help needed
« on: January 02, 2008 »
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  • I have been very impressed by the Titsa bus service but find their timetable and route planner difficult to use. If you also enjoy using the bus then maybe you can help me with a couple of points?

    Can someone kindly tell me the best way to get a bus to (a) the South Airport and also (b) Santa Cruz in the shortest time? I remember once taking the wrong bus ?a stopper? for the comparatively short journey from Playa de las Americas to LG which seemed to take hours and I don?t want to repeat that ordeal!

    Next, it seems that more than one bus is needed for these particular journeys. Can I buy a ticket on the first bus to be used for the whole journey with my Bono, or do I have to buy each stage separately?

    Finally, how do you indicate to the driver that you have a suitecase and want to use the side baggage areas of the bus, particularly when you get off as you don't want him to drive off with your luggage!

    Thanks, in anticipation.