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The Swines
« on: April 26, 2009 »
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  • As if we haven't suffered enough with the credit crunch, it looks like the outbreak of human swine flu in Mexico could have catastrophic worldwide consequences for the travel and tourism industries. If it comes to the UK or your favourite holiday destinations, would you risk your life and the lives of your family by entering the confined space of a plane (not to mention a hotel) for 4 or 8 hours with 300 people  only one of whom needs to be infected to cause dire consequences.

    Maybe camping holidays in Rhyl will be a major growth area this year. Is the smart money moving into tents and chemical toilets ?

    If you have already booked your holiday then check your holiday insurance now  because:-

    ?There are some terrifying events and circumstances covered by some of these exclusions such as war, nuclear accidents and attacks, biological and chemical terrorism or epidemics and pandemics. You will find these exclusions or ones like them in almost all insurance policies.?
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    Re: The Swines
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  • just like bird flu was going to wipe us all out a couple of years ago

    RHYL ?  its the drug capital of the world isn't it  ;)


    Re: The Swines
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  • Must agree on the method of contracting Swine Flu. The recirculation of air and reduced introduction of fresh oxygen is a great carrying ground.
    Coughing and sneezing feeding the system. The under 12?s being particularly at risk as their immune system have not fully developed.

    No doubt with the geographical spread of identified cases in the US, this was the cause. It will be the carriers and their lack of hygiene that will
    spread this. This will make Bird Flu appear insignificant.

    Chesterfield in Derbyshire is the drug capital of England, England is the drug capital of the UK. The UK is the drug capital of Europe. Otherwise
    Rhyl is high in drug taking and addicts. Avoiding dumped used needles is all part of the holiday fun...