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battery boy

swallows ref fisherlady
« on: April 30, 2008 »
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  •  ???Following my moan about the fisher lady statue and lack of water I have two further comments :-
    1. My sister left for home yesterday without seeing the statue in her full glory.
    2. Yes I have something "about" swallows. Not particularly the people but their attitudes. I have lived here now for the best part of ten years and love this part of the Island. What I object to is the influx of the swallows (I call them seagulls - think this one through) who en mass think that all we have had to do to is to keep the place in order for them to come back to and fill the restaurants, fill the bowling green (I always play on this rink is a well known comment) after being absent for some six months and oh look how well you have kept the church for our return and on and on ad nauseum. I do not want to mention their driving skills or lack of  same or their pinching of the ever dwindling parking places and their lack of manners towards the local population. Is this enough to be going on with?????


    Re: swallows ref fisherlady
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  • Stop moaning about parking battery boy you have your own garage .