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Siam Park
« on: August 23, 2010 »
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  • Siam Park well worth a visit or not? 101 euros for a family of four for entry only. 23 euro for the cab there. We missed the 477 fast bus to Las Americas.  25 euros on food and ice cream inthe park, which I must say the burgers were lovely.14 euros for the bus back. That a total of 163 euros. We did have a great time, however, if I had known about the height restrictions we may not have gone, my son is 9 but a little small for his age at 120 cms which ment he could only go on two out of the 6 rides. The mimimun height for rides starts at 120 then goes to 125 then I think 140. The beach and the waves did make up for some of his dissapointment. I dont know how they do it the waves are enormous!!!
    Be warned that the floor does get very very hot at the park and although you can wear your flip flops around the park they are not aloud on the rides and not all rides end where they start from so it can be a trek back to get your shoes. We saw some people with trainer socks on which is a good idea. You can put them in your pockets or down your costume when needs be and they stay wet which keeps your feet cool!