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Author Topic: Siam Park / Loro Park Tickets  (Read 2184 times)

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Siam Park / Loro Park Tickets
« on: June 01, 2009 »
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  • Hello all. We will be over in August and are keen to have a visit to the new Siam Park attraction in Las Americas and will revisit the Loro park. I have had a look on the Siam website and they offer a 'Twin Ticket' offer so you can visit Siam and the Loro. (This is where i'm a bit confused.....)
    If you buy the tickets seperately for the Loro it is 31 Euros for adults and children under 6 are free. For the Siam it is 28 Euros for adults and children aged 3 and above are 18 Euros. We have 2 daughters aged 18 months and 4. If i buy the twin ticket the price would be 98 Euros for 2 adults (making a saving of 39 Euros) as there isn't an option to buy a ticket for a child under 6.

    So sorry this is such a ramble but i am worried that if i buy the twin ticket will my 4 yr old need a separate child's ticket for the Siam? (She will get in free at the Loro as she is under 6).

    Does anyone on here work in an excursions office who could help me out with this? ??? The saving is too good to miss out on if it is as it seems. Thanks for reading.


    Re: Siam Park / Loro Park Tickets
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  • You are complying with the Twin Ticket Offer. Full stop

    The problem is of course lack of information on the website.

    You could take the neighbourhood of under 6's  free or just send twenty 6- 11 years on their own etc.

    There is a lack of sophistication on the ticketing system.

    No doubt many matters are raised at the gate, having got you there...


    Re: Siam Park / Loro Park Tickets
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  • Yes i know you are right. Mind you, even if they made us pay for the 4yr old at the Siam we would still be saving about 20 Euros so i suppose it's worth it either way. Thanks for the quick reply.


    Re: Siam Park / Loro Park Tickets
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  • Even without the saving, which is a great bonus, Loro Park is worth the visit, I?m sure Siam is too, but I have not been there, just heard it is brilliant!
    If you are driving yourself to Loro Park it is well worth the effort of getting the kids up early and getting there for the opening time, 08.30 I believe, the first attraction are the Gorillas and they are fresh for a new day of being looked at and fed about that time too. Time for a coffee before the sea lion show, make sure you sit at the near front, middle or to the exreme left, near front ,might meet one up close!  Dolhin show ,definatly get there on the early side even if you miss the first show, sit as close to the lower front as possible,on the end of the row, may get a ride with the dolphins for the four year old.  Whale show, middle front!!
    Sorry been to see Loro Park so many times, have learnt the best places to sit our guests!! of course you will loose out if frieds of employees are visiying, and August everyone is there. A really great day out.