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Short term dongle rental
« on: January 31, 2012 »
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  • Hi all me and my buddy are due in gigs for 11 days from thursday staying at el sombrero is there a place we can rent a dongle for the laptop as he wants to do some work during our stay.


    Re: Short term dongle rental
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  • Don't know if this is a bit late but

    There is wifi internet access available in Los Gigantes at a cost of 20 euros per week (31.50 per month) please contact Canaries Wireless  phone 0034 922862713 email or Skype: Canarieswireless to arrange a subscription. This can be slightly slower speed than the uk.

    There is internet access at the Oasis, Poblado Marinero reception and Robertos florist down steps next to exchange centre.
    There is wifi at the Spanish bar “Bogeda” or "Sangria" next to the Green Corner bar in the village
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