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See you all soon!
« on: September 04, 2008 »
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  • I'm so excited. My partner (Richard) and I are returning to Tenerife on Tuesday for our 2 week summer hols! We can't wait. It's been a long time coming. Haven't been in Los Gigantes since Christmas.

    Might see some of you  there!

    Tracey  ;D ;D ;D ;D


    Re: See you all soon!
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  • We're on our way from 7.00 tomorrow morning and I can't wait.  Two of us at first, then six of us by Tuesday.  Try and spot my evening handbag, it's large and white with bling bits on it!

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    Re: See you all soon!
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  • Out on 10th cant wait either  :) Hope to see some of yopu around


    Re: See you all soon!
    « Reply #3 on: September 20, 2008 »
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  • As usual, the trip came and went far too quickly.  The weather was a bit odd for the time of year, very humid and a lot of cloud, which to be honest was sometimes very welcome as a bit of relief.  We had some great meals out, Harbour Lites as always - thank you Gail, Steve and Jason for the food, laughs, manicure and Honky Donkeys!  Tipsy Terrace was a lovely surprise and the food and service were excellent.  Also enjoyed El Barco Del Nino for the lovely views and consistently excellent food.  Other eateries we used were El Timon, Mistenguette, El Pescador and Jardin Del Sol ,and none disappointed.  Nice to revisit Bar Sangria and Luis's too and be welcomed back. We made two visits to El Duque beach which although enjoyable was much busier this time round.  The waves were a bit dangerous and a few folk got into a bit of trouble, my husband having to help gather up a couple of children, it has quite a deceptive undercurrent but no real obvious lifeguards.  A lovely place to spend a day though.  My favourite place (as always) had to be our large terrace high up in Tamara, you can't beat the view and I love to sit there in the early(ish) morning and watch the village wake up.  It has to be said that the final day (Tuesday) it woke up a bit quicker than usual with all the sirens!  We went to have a gander at the new hotel at Alcala, which is totally amazing and worth going for a look, nobody stopped us walking in, unlike at the Abama.  We were told by a couple of people in Los G that we could use the beach there, we just had to wait for a buggy to drive us down.  Not so!  We could park outside of the hotel grounds but then were not allowed as non residents to use the buggy and so walked down the road towards the beach.  At the bottom is a funicular railway to take residents down to the beach.  Non residents have to shimmy down a cliff or take a long road down (and up!).  I understand that people pay a lot of money to stay there and I totally accept that, but a notice at the entrance explaining the rules about access to the beach would be helpful to all concerned.

    I know the place is a bit on the quiet side but my daughter and her boyfriend were with us and they love it.  Sure there are things that can be improved and I'd really love to see the Harbour busier and the cars gone from the front of the bars.  And there's still my pet hate of dog poo!  I feel like saying to people, "would you let your kids do that"!  But all in all, I love it, so till next time.....
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    Re: See you all soon!
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  • Having violently slipped on dog poo left in the middle of the foot path.
    (This is a warning to continually look forward and down in the LG
    and surrounding areas).

    It would be a wish for the large band of irresponsible dog owners to clear up after their pet.

    As for the question of letting their children do that. In some areas of the UK, the answer
    may come back as Yes or at least as an affirming expletive.