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Author Topic: Ryanair to introduce Standing on some flights !!!!!  (Read 3308 times)

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Ryanair have announced that Standing is to be introduced on some flights, check out.....

What next, outside toilets ?!!!!!  :o

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another publicity stunt for mr o'leary. ;)


Yeah, but its funny !!!!  ;D


Mr O'Leary loves to have a laugh with the punters with outrageous ideas for more publicity.
Never going to be a serious proposal ??? but plenty of reactions.

As for the Chinese airline who came up with the idea first, well ... maybe, just maybe?  :-\\

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This sounds like a good idea to me.  Don't know about you but after 4.5 hours of sitting down - isn't it just great at the end of the journey to stand up and stretch your legs, similarly, as I wouldn't wish to sit down all the time , neither would I wish to stand the whole time, but a possible compromise is to have a "change around" half way through the flight.  So for the first couple of hours or so half the passengers sit, whilst the other half stand, then the Captain blows a whisle and all those currently sitting, change places with all those standing so all passengers get the best of both worlds.

Good old Ryanair - always good for a laugh ;)
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GEORGE BUSH - Your link doesn't work......

It does for me ::) ::) ::)