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Author Topic: Ryanair - any better than easyjet?  (Read 2058 times)

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Has anyone flown Ryanair to Tenerife yet? They have "Priority Boarding" which you pay extra for, but do they really board you first here in Tenerife? I've used them from East Midlands to Italy and we were boarded first at both ends, all worked well.
I've just been checking for November flights and I am shocked at the prices now, we flew Thomsonfly last year and they have more than doubled, may have to consider Ryanair although I don't fancy 4.5 hours with no film, music etc. AND the flight leaves EM at 6am!
Any ideas anyone? :-\\


Re: Ryanair - any better than easyjet?
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2008 »
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  •  :-\\ we have used easyjet for various destinations, on the whole do the job, but several times speedy boarding only means first on the bus to the plane, not from UK airports I hasten to add. But Tenerife South airport does like to put you on a transfer bus, very often for the scheduled Monarch flights, they treat you as they like.


    Re: Ryanair - any better than easyjet?
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  • I would much rather fly with EasyJet than Ryanair. Ryanair's planes are dirty. The staff are appalling, horrible horrible airline and you have to add 25 quid onto your booking for booking in your luggage. AVOID RYANAIR go with Easyjet


    Re: Ryanair - any better than easyjet?
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  • Ryanair are definitely better than Easyjet. Flew with Ryanair from Liverpool. They organise the priority boarding as the plane lands and those in the wrong queue are removed. With Easyjet even though they call for speedy boarders everyone just crowds the gate, as for those with children under 5. there were very large parties of adults accompanying them and some very old looking under 5's. Yes you do have to pay for the extras, the secret is travel with hand luggage.


    Re: Ryanair - any better than easyjet?
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  • Completely disagree with Baker. I have flown both Ryanair and Easyjet and find Easyjet far better, yes the Priority boarding is a fight through the crowds to get on board, but once on board. The Easyjet planes are the Old GB Airwas planes (British Airways) so the seats are like business class seats, very comfortable and wider than Ryanair, with more leg room. I always find the Easyjet staff more friendlier as well.