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My wife and I visited Tenerife last week staying in La Caleta - lovely weather and a nice place.

We were regulars at the Royal Sun for years and had a day in Los Gigantes to see the area and what changes had occurred since our last trip in February 2004.

Firstly, the Royal Sun; some minor activity but a long way from its former glory, and what is happening along the road - it looks like strip mining? A big sign for new apartments, but nothing being built (seems I've seen this before...). A real shame; we loved the Royal Sun and so did my parents who accompanied us a couple of times.

The town itself was still as we remembered it. I was quite worried reading some of the postings that it might be tired and run down - but no - it was busy, and seemed quite bright - even the harbour where we stopped for a coffee.

BUT - what are those apartments and the road out (past the sports club). I counted only one balcony with activity.

The other new block built in Santiago was as I'd imagined it from publicity photographs and not our kind of place at all, although I'm sure it suits some.

We couldn't drive from Los Gigantes to Playa as the road was closed and after following a narrow detour we gave up and went to look at the San Francisco area instead. This was very nice and quite a surprise, quite a Spanish feel to the villa's, great views, but quite a way out.

So impressions overall... Los Gigantes still has the best views on the West Coast, but is now really over-developed and so, less appealing. We are desperate to find an apartment or apartment complex in Tenerife like the Royal Sun with easy walking access to shops and restaurants (my parents can no longer walk far) that we could have for extended periods between October and December and maybe January to April, any guidance would be appreciated.

Roger & Pat

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hi re royal sun as far as i know they are supposed to be coming up for sasle sometime soon we can but hope.The apts i assume you mean the gigansol there was a rumour they have been built to high.The nearest accomadation with apool etc and near lg would be tamara i believe though nothing like the royal sun. good luck


Yes, Gigansol that's the one that's empty. What a waste!

I know Tamara's - not really what we're after - but thanks. Looks like it'll have to be elsewhere. La Caleta was very nice but we were in a hotel and now know we prefer an apartment.



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Roger ,did you look at the California apartments. they are so tranquil and only a 3 Euro ride into Los Gigantes. Beautiful gardens and a solar heated pool. Like a little oasis.

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The only activity taking place at the Royal Sun appears to be a large skip outside the doors with a few old chairs and other assorted office junk thrown in - hardly an indication that the appartments will be for sale any time soon - as before - I would suggest you don't hold your breath.

Collapsed Road - well, according to the Mayor 10 days ago or so, he assured us it would reopen on Thursday - last Thursday that is!

Interestingly on Friday they were digging out the sewer pipe they had spent some weeks installing - maybe the fact that it is about 3 inches below the surface has something to do with that.

To be fair, assuming the pipe problem is only a hitch, the road surface should be ready for the tarmac sometime this coming week, although there is still a lot to do, since the pavements are still to be built and the safety barriers installed etc.

Shame it appears to be actually narrower than it was - especially in the middle, although at the top end there is a wider swing around - presumably for the Titsa's.

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Spanish Corner is a vehicle nightmare. The only way to make it better is to make it one way and open the other link road from El Marques.  :-\\


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Are you looking for accommodation xmas and new year as I know someone with availability at El Marques if you're interested, call me on 07832 225280


Have a look at these Looks a bit "Royal Sunnish" to me.


It looks very nice. Similar to the Royal Sun.

Another 4 star hotel is great news for the area but "all inclusive" will not help struggling local businesses.