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  • Could anyone give any information about the person or persons that drowned in Los Gigantes yesterday.
    I saw the helicopter today letting a flare off then the coastguard came.
    I've heard 3 young ones but also heard 3 fishermen but nothing has been confirmed.
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  • This came from another website. It happened near Puerto Santiago.

    "The deceased man was fishing on the rocks with a friend when both were knocked over by a wave and thrown into the choppy waters. The second man was pulled from the water a short time later by police but his colleague disappeared and is thought to have drowned immediately. The survivor is being treated for extensive injuries in a south Tenerife hospital."


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  • My deepest sympathy for the guys relatives and friends. For the benefit of anyone about to visit the area, please be aware that the Atlantic does have a habit of dishing up "freak" waves with alarming regularity. At the end of October I witnessed a potential fatality at the small pool immediately behind Las Rosas. There were quite a few people larking about at the far side of the pool and a couple were hanging on to ropes at the back of it, getting battered by largish waves. All of a sudden a huge wave burst over them, causing one youth to lose his grip on the rope. He was dragged into the sea and I was about to run and call for help when luckily an equally large wave picked the guy out of the sea and threw him back over the wall into the pool. I wonder if he realises just how lucky he was?
    Once again, please treat the sea with respect.


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  • The "La Opinion" and "El Dia" newspapers have a slightly different version of the story
    26 OF NOVEMBER OF 2006
    Emergency services received a call  around noon on Saturday saying that a huge wave had sucked three fishermen into the sea

    They were fishing off the rocks in the  La Hondura area of Puerto de Santiago in the municipality of  Santiago del Teide.
    One of  the men  a 63 year old was rescued by a seargant and an officer of the Local Police and was transferred to the Hospiten Sur where he was able to tell emergency workers that two NOT three people had been pulled into the sea  
    He and the other man who was his brother both come from Santa 'darsula. The other brother has disssapeared without trace.
    The bad conditions of the sea made it difficult for Marine Rescue to attempt a search, and later, experts from the Civil Guard Subaqueous Activities Special Group. The Guardia Civil Divers dropped into the sea near the Barcel'f3 hotel, but they did not find the missing man.
    Red flag
    The strong waves that affected the South of the Island yesterday meant that in almost all beaches red flags were flying

    In the nearby Playa Arena beach the red flag was also flying at the moment when emergency services worked in the search of the fisherman.
    An Emergency helicopter  flew up and down the coast, whilst the  Voluntary Firemen of Santiago del Teide and Guardia Civil out of Guia de Isora were also on call.
    The search for the missing man's body resumed today, Sunday-  but it has so far not been located
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  • The search resumed on Sunday morning and a body was located by the Emergency Services helicopter approx 1 km offshore from the Barcelo hotel.
    The location was marked by a flare dropped from the helicopter.
    The Marine Rescue boat arrived shortly after and recovered the body which was landed ashore in the Los Gigantes marina.
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