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Author Topic: re canaries wireless wifi connction  (Read 2300 times)

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i have to say have been coming here since the 70s so have seen many changes lol one good thing recently hass been the wifi it has meant we could stay a bit longer by hubby working here recently though it has not worked as much as we hoped probably due to contention withthe other network in the area .to find what the true situation is you need to try connceting from differnt partsof the village to get an idea what the true  picture is not just looking at the logs from your office location.
please treat this as a positive comment, and not as a rant.

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Re: re canaries wireless wifi connction
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  • Hi Linda thanks for your comments.
    We constantly monitor the system for faults however we rely on our customers to help us, if they have a problem, we will always try to find a solution, (unlike our competition)  It is impossible for us to control where and how our clients use their laptops, even small changes of position can make a difference. The wifi signal is not that robust and the general construction method (concrete and steel reinforcing) does not help. We have had a number of issues sadly with the competition who stated openly and directly to a partner that "they would do everything they could to stop us ******* girries from running this business, and they have tried and sadly continue to do so.

    We continue to improve the network and add hotspots, we currently have three in the area the:- Green Corner, the Oasis and Tippsy Terrace, these are in addition to our normal coverage, if anyone needs coverage we will always carry out a free survey to see what can be done to give a quality service to our clients.

    We trade fairly, and try at all time to offer our clients good service, we have even given refunds and credits, try to get that from the competition who no one seem to be able to find let alone speak to.

    If you let your apartment there are ways we can set up access to that your clients can use, without having to pay for an expensive telephone line year round.

    Please feel free to contact us about your needs on our system which is pay as you go with no standing fees, so you only pay for the times you use the system, it works with Skype, email and most remote control programs, as well as for normal browsing.

    + 34 922 862713


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